I’m Worried He Will Get With Someone Else

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I'm Worried He Will Get With Someone Else

When you are this worried about a guy you like getting with someone else, there is no basis of trust in the relationship.

If this is a guy that you are actually serious with, this is never a good sign.

It typically signifies that there is something amiss within the relationship.

Someone in the relationship is either not taking it as seriously as they should or you are both not giving this relationship the kind of attention it deserves.

If this is a guy that you actually aren’t serious with but perhaps you have been with in the past, it can be more understandable that you are worried that he will get with someone else.

However, you shouldn’t allow this feeling to dominate how you choose to interact with him.

Let’s get back to the scenario that this is a guy that you are actually serious with.

You have to ask yourself why you are feeling this way.

You clearly don’t believe that the relationship has reached the depth needed in order to feel secure within it.

Have you been trying too hard?

Can you take a look back on your relationship with this guy so far and honestly say that you have both been putting in the same amount of energy and effort into making the relationship work?

There is a good chance that only one of you has or perhaps none, which is never a good thing.

Can you also take a look at the relationship and come to the conclusion that you have both always been open and honest with each other?

Perhaps you have always felt like there was always something being hidden in your conversations.

Perhaps you have always felt like neither of you have ever been completely forthright with your intentions or with your character.

These are all very important elements that you should look back on and question.

When you begin building a relationship with a guy on these kind of insecure notions and behaviors, it will be hard for you to trust him.

You will be worried about whether he will get with someone else when you are not around for a sustained period of time or when there is distance between you.

This should be the lesson that you learn.

You should work on building a much stronger foundation in this relationship.

You should work on facilitating a relationship that is open and honest by how you comport yourself and leading by example.

Let’s go back to the scenario that this is a guy that you haven’t been that serious with.

Well, with no real definition of what kind of relationship you have with him, he would be a prime candidate to actually get with someone else.

This is why it is always important to define the kind of relationship you have with a guy earlier on.

You should both be of the same understanding.

If not, it would be too easy for him to get with someone else because he can always fall back on the excuse that your relationship with him was never defined in the first place.

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