How Are Single Men That Own Cats Perceived?

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How Are Single Men That Own Cats Perceived?

It all depends on the kind of relationship said single men have with their cats.

If it is a healthy relationship that shows that they both have respect for each other, most girls would be alright with it.

They may initially think that the single man is a little different for having cats.

They probably would have initially assumed that the single man would own a dog instead of a cat.

However, if they were to observe the single man’s behavior with his cat or the way the single man talks about it and they notice that the relationship is loving and healthy, they would most likely find that endearing.

It would show a side of the single man that girls tend to like to see in guys.

The side that is caring or nurturing.

The side that shows that said single man can care for something else other than himself.

It allows her to believe that if he can care and respect his cat the way she has noticed or observed him doing, he would be capable of showing her the same kind of treatment.

Thereby, it is also a good thing to have a girl believe that you can be someone that is capable of showing love.

Girls who want to get serious with someone often like it when they are reassured of the man’s caring side.

This helps to make her feel like she can trust you.

Now, where a girl may begin to have issues with a single man who owns cats is if he simply has too many and can only talk about his cats and not much else.

Unless the single man is actually a breeder of cats that he then turns around and sells, a girl would find it odd that he lives with as many as four or more cats.

Once you start climbing to these numbers, she may begin to wonder why the single man has so many.

There may be a part of the girl that starts wondering if the single man has these many cats because he is so lonely or insecure.

This may start sending her red flags.

She may start worrying that the single man has no social skills or that he would not know how to maintain a healthy relationship with an actual human romantic interest.

She may get worried that there would be little in common for them to talk about because the single man would perhaps be spending the majority of their interaction talking about his tribe of cats.

She may question the single man’s ability to form and maintain relationships with regular human beings.

She may worry that he is trying to hide some kind of insecurity or imperfection in his character.

These questions are not necessarily deal breakers but they can give a girl pause.

It would be different if the single man is a cat breeder and perhaps has that as a side business.

It’s also different if she is a huge cat lover and perhaps has four or more cats of her own.

Then she can actually relate to the single man.

However, the majority of regular girls out there would be more comfortable if you kept it to one or two.

Once they get to know you, you may be able to get away with more without sending red flags.

Regardless, you should always stay true to yourself.

If you love cats, even if it’s quite a few cats, there is a good chance that you can still find someone who feels the same way.

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