What To Do When Your Girlfriend Cries?

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Cries?

Your girlfriend may be crying because she is truly upset about something.

It may not be something that has anything to do with you.

This is where some boyfriends make the mistake of thinking that their girlfriend is crying because of something that they did.

This is not necessarily true.

Your girlfriend may simply feel bothered or stressed out over a particular issue or issues that have nothing to do with you.

When she cries, you should not be overbearing towards her.

The last thing you should do is keep trying to comfort her.

This may actually make her feel a lot more upset.

You are better off being relatively silent but allowing her to know from the beginning that you are there for her if she would like to talk about it.

Oftentimes, that is what a girl wants.

She wants the reassurance of knowing that her boyfriend is willing to be there for her even if he may not be saying too much.

The most important statement that you made is that you are there for her if she needs you.

At a time like this, you should also try to maintain the normalcy in your relationship.

If you begin to act like something is wrong, you could make the situation worse. By constantly acting like something is wrong, she may begin to feel the added stress of that.

When she realizes that you haven’t talked to her the way that you used to or that you are avoiding her, she would feel even worse.

You shouldn’t take these kind of drastic steps.

You should maintain the normalcy of your relationship.

If there is some kind of routine you guys typically have, stick to it.

If you tend to go somewhere in particular on Friday nights, maintain that behavior.

If you are both work-out buddies and tend to go to the gym together, keep that up.

If she were to tell you that she doesn’t want to go on a particular day, don’t allow that to stop you from being understanding but also following up the next day and asking her to go with you.

In other words, the best thing you can do is continue the pace, routine and normalcy of your relationship.

The more consistent you are with sticking with what you have always done together, the easier it will be for her to realize that she has a support structure.

She won’t feel the need to hibernate or stay away from you or people in general.

She will be encouraged by the fact that you haven’t changed your routine with her and you are still keeping the relationship balanced.

Even if your girlfriend is crying because of something you did, this is still your best approach.

Let her know that you are willing to talk about it when she is ready but still ensure that you keep the relationship going at a steady pace.

When she is ready to talk about it, she will.

Your task is to simply make her aware that you are open to it while keeping the relationship stable and consistent.

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