Why Did He Cry When We Broke Up Our Relationship?

For one, he cried when you broke up as he was upset the relationship was ending, and he would no longer see you again in the same capacity as he once did.

Why Did He Cry When We Broke Up Our Relationship?This means he was legitimately in love with you and didn’t want the relationship to end.

In addition, there is a perception of having failed.

There are guys who don’t look at a breakup as the end of a relationship but also as an indicator that they have failed again.

A history of failed relationships means he is more prone to feeling a sense of disappointment that he has failed in a relationship yet again.

It makes him feel he is not that good at this, and this causes a build-up of emotion that leads to tears.

In his mind, he can’t do any better than you.

You were the best he had ever had and now that you are broken up, he doesn’t believe he will ever find anyone else like you or anyone at all for that matter.

This reasoning hits him so hard that he cries as a result.

He was hoping that you knew this and would have enough compassion to refrain from ending the relationship.

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If you were the one that ended it, this is something he does to entice you to reconsider.

In seeing him cry, he hopes you take pity on him and recall the good aspects of the relationship.

He hopes these memories cause you to give him another shot.

On the flip side, if he is the one who broke up with you, he cried in order to reduce the impact of what he had to do and hope that you don’t see him as the bad guy.

The crying is a tool he uses to turn the ropes around.

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Instead of you being upset at him for breaking up with you, you start feeling sorry for him for what he feels he had to do.

It is almost like using reverse psychology to help him draw away the attention of what he is doing and instead focus on the fact that this really pains him to do.

You do have to assess how you genuinely feel about this guy and how you are taking the breakup as well.

The last thing you want is to be emotionally manipulated by his tears.

Trust that you made a judicious decision in breaking up, having given it much thought.

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To be influenced by his tears and take him back, doesn’t erase the problems you have had with him.

Sure, there is a period of compromise and understanding.

Nevertheless, the same problems arise and you are back to square one yet again.

Sometimes, you have to stick to what feels right even if his tears make you doubtful.

You shouldn’t be fooled by those tears, given how people have a proclivity to do whatever it takes to get what they want.

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He used tears in previous relationships and it worked in getting him what he wanted.

Now, he is doing that with you.

Be cautious.

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