The Girl Likes Me But Doesn’t Want A Relationship. What Should I Do?

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The Girl Likes Me But Doesn't Want A Relationship. What Should I Do?

You have to accept the fact that this girl doesn’t like you enough to want to be in a relationship with you.

She may not even like you at all in a romantic sense.

She may look at the relationship you have with her as strictly platonic.

Yes, I know that all of this can be very difficult to accept.

The thing is, you really like this girl.

You want more than anything to be in a relationship with this girl.

Unfortunately, that part of you that wants to be in a relationship with her so badly tends to take over common sense.

You believe that she likes you romantically in the same manner that you like her.

You tell yourself this because you want her to be with you so bad.

However, the truth is that she may not like you romantically in the way that you like her.

She may enjoy the fact that you do like her and may even like the attention to an extent but she isn’t getting into a relationship with you for a reason.

She doesn’t want a relationship because you don’t give her the spark she needs in order to be in one.

This doesn’t mean that she can’t see herself in a relationship with someone at this time.

It’s just that she can’t see herself in a relationship with you.

Not as a romance. Perhaps as a friend.

Listen, I know that this is hard to accept but you have to understand it and start getting over it.

The longer you remain in this well of desire and wishes, the harder it will be for you to move forward and ultimately meet another girl who is actually interested in being in a relationship with you.

This is the hard part.

Accepting the hard truth is difficult.

It forces you to acknowledge your reality and let go of what you wish for.

Look at it this way.

If she is single, she is technically available.

If she is telling you that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship, she is showing that you aren’t doing it for her.

She isn’t excited and motivated enough to want to take her relationship with you to the next level.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should go out there and start doing everything in your power to impress and force her to change her mind.

This would be a waste of energy.

Instead, take that energy and live a fulfilling life.

Fill it with activities that you love and be social.

This kind of behavior may actually be what ultimately makes her realize that there may be something more that she can have with you.

When you are not all over her and you are doing your own thing, you are independent and this can be very appealing to girls.

When a girl knows that you don’t necessarily need her to be happy or have a fun filled life, she tends to look at that as attractive.

She may or may not come around to this kind of behavior.

However, you would still be better off than if you were waiting on her or trying so hard to get her to be in a relationship with you.

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