My Crush Denied My Facebook Friend Request. Does That Mean He Doesn’t Like Me?

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My Crush Denied My Facebook Friend Request. Does That Mean He Doesn't Like Me?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you.

Your crush may actually not know that you have a crush on him.

When he received your Facebook friend request, he may not have quite known what to make of it.

He may be a relatively private person and doesn’t accept every friend request that comes his way.

Since he may not know that he is your crush, he may have felt like he wasn’t quite ready to accept your friend request until he got to know you a little bit better in person.

If he barely knows you, he honestly may not know what your angle or intention is.

This is one possible scenario.

Another one could be the possibility that your crush is actually seeing someone else.

Your crush may either have a girlfriend or may be talking to another girl at this time.

Your crush may not be of the frame of mind to accept friend requests from other girls when he is so focused on his current girlfriend or whoever it is he may be talking to romantically.

He may not want his girlfriend or girl of interest to get the wrong impression about him.

He may not want to give her the impression that he isn’t faithful or trustworthy.

He decides not to accept your friend request because he doesn’t want to be in trouble with his girlfriend who may be the jealous type or with this other girl of interest because it may ruin his chances with her.

When a person has a crush, it can be really hard for them to consider the possibility that their crush may actually have a partner or someone that they are talking to on a serious level.

You may not have considered this because you like your crush so much.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed with what you hope will happen with your crush that you don’t allow yourself to see the reality of what may be.

You may believe so strongly that your crush should be with you because you are both so compatible that you don’t allow yourself to think about the possibility that your crush may have someone else they are dating or more interested in.

This is a possibility that you should strongly consider.

Try not to get so wrapped up in what you hope will happen or the kind of relationship you think you have with your crush.

Something else you should consider is also the possibility that your crush may be worried that if he were to accept your friend request, you may get the wrong impression prematurely.

He may not want to hurt your feelings by leading you on at this time.

He may just not know where to take his relationship with you, so he holds off on the friend request.

At this moment, he may be trying to figure out if he wants to take this further.

Until he figures that out, he denies your Facebook friend request.

Ensure that you don’t get desperate around this time if you choose to wait on him.

If you were to bombard him with constant friend requests, you could turn him off completely and he will most likely not reconsider accepting your friend request.

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  1. I have not accepted friend requests from someone I was dating because I feel like Facebook world is so weird, I did want to get to know him there or vice versa – I wanted to get to know him in real life first.

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