I Got Upset With My Boyfriend For Not Including Me In His Plans

Your boyfriend didn’t include you in his plans, wanting to spend this occasion with his friends or with himself.

I Got Upset With My Boyfriend For Not Including Me In His PlansAfter spending so much of his free time with you since you started dating, he now wants to do an activity for himself, or with his friends.

There is nothing wrong with this.

This is exceptionally healthy for a relationship.

A lot of girls make the mistake of micromanaging the life of a boyfriend.

They want to be there or stay in contact via phone or social media while the boyfriend is away from them.

This is stifling for your boyfriend.

He loves or cares about you, but he does want to have his own time too.

He was an individual before he met you, with hobbies, friends, ambitions, etc.

All of those elements didn’t disappear once he met you.

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And you shouldn’t want them to disappear.

You should want your boyfriend to feel like he can live his life without stressing that he has to include you in everything.

You should want your boyfriend to be happy being himself and knowing that he is free to be so.

When he sees you as a person that is there to empower him to grow as a person rather than impede, he is determined to be an even better boyfriend to you.

If he didn’t include you in his plans this time around, take everything I just said into account.

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As his girlfriend, being included in his plans seems par the course.

Notwithstanding, you are his girlfriend, not his shadow.

You are there to love and care for him as he is for you, not to make him feel trapped.

This is what leads some boyfriends to become less enthusiastic to hang out with there girlfriends.

They feel that pressure from the girlfriend to have to always be there with them.

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These moments of despair cause him to look elsewhere or become inattentive.

This isn’t what you want.

A boyfriend who has always spent quality time with you, has been a good boyfriend to you so far.

Although he has made plans and hasn’t included you this time around, don’t let that bother you.

Judge him by how good of a boyfriend he has been to you up until this point, and not by your desire for him to have included you in his current plans.

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Now, when he hasn’t been a good boyfriend thus far and has barely spent any time with you, this is a different story.

He doesn’t enjoy being with you and this is a problem.

In this scenario, you should have a talk with him and find out where his heart truly lies.

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