Why Won’t Anyone Date Me? Is It Them Or Is It Me With The Issues?

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Why Won't Anyone Date Me? Is It Them Or Is It Me With The Issues?

If you are noticing a pattern of this, it is you with the issues and not them.

No one is dating you because there is something that you are doing that is turning them off.

In order for you to overcome this problem, you will have to be honest with yourself.

Are you someone that you can actually see yourself dating?

This is a truly important question to answer.

Don’t answer it right away. Take a moment before you do this.

Truly, take a moment.

Alright, let’s ask it again.

Are you someone that you can actually see yourself dating?

The truth is, you may not be.

You need to figure out what it is about yourself that can be off-putting to people.

The reason why I say that the issues lie with you is because there has been a pattern of this.

When you keep finding it hard to date people or keep people around long enough to date them, there is a problem coming from your end.

You may be too eager to get into relationships.

In fact, the more you struggle to get dates, the more eager you could be becoming.

When people notice that you are too eager to get a date, they may believe that you are desperate.

This can be worrisome.

They would worry that you would be too much to deal with.

You may have expectations that they can’t meet.

You may move the relationship too fast too soon.

They may wonder why other people haven’t dated you in the past and what you may be hiding in the closet as far as your persona is concerned.

They may worry that you will just take anyone that comes your way and not have any standards.

In the end, being too eager will trigger too many questions.

People are naturally fearful of the unknown and there are simply too many questions that have come up that don’t have answers.

They figure that it is too much to deal with and decide not to date you.

They just don’t want the hassle.

Check for this kind of behavior.

If you notice that this is you, you will have to stop it.

You may also be the kind of person that is too clingy.

You may want that partner to do everything with you.

This is very difficult to handle.

You may make that person feel suffocated in the relationship.

They may feel like they have no room to be themselves.

They begin to lose their sense of uniqueness.

They may feel like they have to sacrifice important relationships in their lives just so that they can appease you.

This wouldn’t bode well for any relationship.

Being clingy is something you have got to watch for and avoid.

Your choice in dates is also important.

You may be consistently choosing the same kind of person.

Well, if you keep choosing the same kind of person to date, you may keep getting the same result.

Your personality may not gel with theirs.

There may be something that is just off about your chemistry.

You would have to consider the kind of people you tend to be into.

If their personalities tend to be similar, you may want to change it up. Find someone different and see if your personalities play off each other better.

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