My First Date Ever

My First Date Ever

Since this is your first date ever, you are nervous with worry, consumed with thoughts about how things are going to go and whether you will leave a good impression.

You need to stop worrying about all of this. It will only make you nervous.

Being nervous could lead to making mistakes on your first date and essentially messing it up.

You need to stop any thoughts of doubt from coming into your head.

The moment you sense them coming, think of something else.

Think about something that isn’t related to the date.

In fact, you should avoid thinking about the date as much as possible between now and the day of the date.

Put your attention on other activities for now.

Try your best to simply busy yourself with doing something else.

The less you think about your upcoming first date, the less nervous you are.

It allows you to get to the day of the date with an open mind.

You wouldn’t have made any judgments on how it will go because you avoided thinking about it as much as you could all week.

This is the frame of mind you should have on the day of your first date.

It should be as open and free as possible.

When you feel this way, you would also be able to avoid creating scenarios in your head of how the first date will go on the day of.

You will be able to avoid setting expectations as well.

You will simply go on the first date with a clear and open mind and allow it happen naturally.

Your first date is something that could lead to more dates.

That being said, your focus shouldn’t be on date two or three, nor should it be on the hope that this person will one day be your romantic partner.

Instead, it should be on being yourself in this first date.

You should look at this first date as an opportunity to see whether there is chemistry between you.

This can only happen when you are yourself and you give your date the opportunity to be who they are as well.

When you project into the future and ponder about future dates, you will forget about the importance of the first date.

The first date is the first step.

Let your date get a good idea of the kind of person you are.

Give yourself the opportunity to get to know your date as well.

You have to go into this with the mindset that you are going to be who you are and will allow yourself the opportunity to determine whether there is any chemistry.

Your date has to be able to be at ease with the person you are.

Being fixated on what will happen on future dates before the first date has even began, causes you to either be too overzealous on the date or too closed off due to your nerves.

You create scenarios in your mind of how the future dates will go that ultimately affect the real life first date.

When you get to this place, you are increasing the likelihood that you could show up at the first date and behave in a way that isn’t true to who you are.

You have to find that middle ground and stay there.


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