How To Get My Buddies To Stop Trying To Hook Me Up?

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How To Get My Buddies To Stop Trying To Hook Me Up?

In order to get your buddies to stop trying to hook you up, you should not only let them know that you aren’t ready nor willing to hook up or get into a relationship but you also have to show it.

There may be a part of you that is still stuck on your last relationship.

Perhaps you haven’t let it go.

There may also be a part of you that seems to yearn for a relationship from time to time and your friends sense it.

You may also be acting like you are waiting on something to happen to you. As a result, you may seem absentminded at times or you may look like you aren’t really happy.

Your friends may be getting one or more of these vibes from you.

As a result, they tend to try to hook you up because they believe that this is what you truly want.

After all, you haven’t quite been yourself in a while.

They figure that something is bothering you.

As your friends, they want to try to make you happy.

They believe that they know what would be best for you at this time.

So, they try to hook you up.

If you want to get your buddies to stop trying to hook you up, your actions have to show that you are happy and you are living the life you want to live.

They shouldn’t feel like you are no longer who you once were.

They shouldn’t get the impression that you are not trying to live the kind of life that they believe you deserve.

If you were to live a rich life filled with activities that you love and you showed them that you were truly happy, they would be more prone to avoid trying to hook you up.

They would know that you were already happy and busy doing what you love in life.

This means that you can’t only tell your friends to stop trying to hook you up but you have to show them that you are truly happy in your life.

They need to get the sense that you are truly living the life you want.

If you were to fill your life with fun activities, they would look at that as a strong sign that you are happy.

When you dwell on a past relationship, they may feel compelled to hook you up so that you can move on.

Hence, they are really observing your behavior and what you say.

When you constantly talk about relationships, they may feel compelled to hook you up because they will start believing that this is what you want.

This is why you should watch what you say and consequently how you behave.

You can also try to avoid going to places with them where there are too many opportunities to hook up on a regular basis.

This removes the constant temptation to hook you up.

This means that you may want to reduce the amount of club partying or general partying you do with them.

Replace some of that time with doing another fun activity.

You could start going on hikes together or even bike rides. In other words, avoid constantly putting yourself in a hook up environment when they are with you.

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