Annoying Guy Won’t Leave Me Alone

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Annoying Guy Won't Leave Me Alone

You need to let this annoying guy know that you have no romantic interest in him.

You should be clear and to the point about this.

Stop getting into long-winded discussions with him about why you don’t like him romantically.

Say your piece and let it be.

If he continues to contact you even after you have been this firm, you shouldn’t encourage him.

This means that you can’t be responding to his texts or phone calls.

He may make multiple attempts at texting and calling you.

You may ignore them at first.

However, you eventually give in because he has been so persistent.

You may react with anger by telling him to stop texting or calling you.

However, this contact alone has encouraged him.

The fact is, you responded.

Even if it was in anger, you did.

This reassures him that you are reading his texts and noticing his phone calls.

He is encouraged by this and keeps doing it.

This is why you should not allow yourself to respond in any way.

Ignore those messages and calls even when you feel so angry about them.

The longer you ignore him, the harder it will be for him to keep bothering you.

He would be expending energy that isn’t getting fed.

This is very hard to maintain over a sustained period of time.

You shouldn’t respond to his flirts or acknowledge his advances in public either.

You also can’t be acting hot and cold.

In other words, one day you acknowledge his advances and play along and another day, you don’t.

If you were to do any of this, you would make him feel emboldened to keep trying.

You see, there are some guys who truly believe that when a woman acts in this ambiguous manner, she is interested and all she wants him to do is to continue being persistent.

This may be the impression that you have been giving him.

Hence, even when you decide that you are going to mean mug in public just because you are trying to make him see that you want him to leave you alone, he would only see this as a reason to continue pursuing you.

In his mind, this kind of behavior from you means that you like him.

In his mind, this kind of behavior means that you want him to keep trying because you are playing hard to get.

He may have even had these kind of experiences in the past with girls.

Those girls may have ultimately responded to his advances and dated him.

As a result, he believes that you are playing the same game and all he needs to do is be persistent.

You can’t allow him to get this kind of impression.

This means that you can’t respond to his advances in public in any way nor should you acknowledge them.

You shouldn’t mean mug him or establish any kind of eye contact.

You have to convey the real message that you have no interest.

This forces him to get the message and leave you alone.

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