When I Asked Her For Her Number, She Said Why?

When I Asked Her For Her Number, She Said Why?

She may have said why because she wasn’t interested in you in a romantic sense.

She may have enjoyed the conversation that you were both having but didn’t feel any real romantic connection.

There may not have been much chemistry or you may not have been her type.

There is also a chance that she may have asked you why because she wasn’t quite sure what your intention was.

Perhaps she wanted to be clear.

Perhaps she didn’t want to assume that you were romantically interested in her prematurely or erroneously.

She may have wanted to know for certain what your intentions were so that she could see if those intentions were similar to her own.

There are times a person can have a conversation with a girl and she may not quite know what direction or angle that person may have been coming from.

She may have been interested in you romantically, but the topics that you talked about during the conversation may have had no bearing on romance.

Hence, she asks you why you asked for her number because she wants to make sure that you are both on the same page.

Once her mind is clear about what your real intention is, she knows where your mind is.

If this girl ultimately ended up not giving you her number, it may have been because she didn’t feel that romantic connection with you.

As I mentioned earlier, she may not have found you to be her type physically as well.

It isn’t something that you should dwell on.

Many people have a type.

Beauty and attraction is very subjective.

You may not have been her type but another girl may think the opposite.

You should allow yourself to move on and keep your sense of dignity.

On the flip side, if this girl gave you her number, there is a good chance that she is interested.

She may still be slightly confused about what it is you may be looking for.

If you weren’t really clear about why you were asking for her number, she may still be somewhat unsure.

It’s important that you contact her as soon as you can and ask her out on a date.

This is crucial.

The longer you wait to contact her, the more she feels like you were looking for something other than romance.

Remember that she may still feel slightly confused about what your intentions may be.

If you don’t call her as soon as you can and ask her out on a date, she may begin to put you in a category in her mind that has nothing to do with romance.

This means that even if you were to call or text her a week or so later, she may no longer be in a romantic frame of mind.

She would have already put you in a category as someone who is either not interested in romance or not entirely enthused about it.

A girl typically doesn’t want to feel this way about a guy who is courting her.

She wants to have no doubt in her mind that she is wanted and desired in a romantic sense.

You will need to contact her as soon as possible and ask her out on a date in order to keep her interest.

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