Been Seeing Each Other For 4 Months And Haven’t Met His Friends

After 4 months of being in an exclusive relationship, you should have met at least one or more of his friends.

Been Seeing Each Other For 4 Months And Haven't Met His FriendsTalk to him about this, so that you know where he stands mentally and emotionally.

Don’t be confrontational about it.

Any perception that you are confronting him results in deceitfulness on his part.

Rather, initiate the topic through flattery, informing him that you have no doubt his friends must be amazing, given how amazing he is as your boyfriend.

Surely, an amazing guy has amazing friends.

Then, give him the floor to respond without interrupting him.

Hopefully, this approach encourages him to tell you the truth.

There is a reason why you haven’t met his friends yet.

Something is holding him back.

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Look back on your relationship so far.

Does he talk to you about his friends?

Does he tell you about specific experiences that he has had with his friends?

Does he mention his friends by name?

When he rarely talks to you about his friends nor mentions them by name to you, he isn’t serious about this relationship.

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The likelihood of ever meeting his friends are a lot less when he never or rarely talks about them to you.

This means that he doesn’t see this relationship going for the long-term.

He looks at the relationship as something that is good for him for now, but doesn’t see it lasting.

On the flip side, when he does talk to you about his friends and mentions them by name, the prospect of meeting them is greater.

Figuring out where this relationship is headed and whether he sees a future with you, is of primary concern to him.

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Being clear that you are the right one for him has to be beyond doubt, before he has you meet his friends.

For him, introducing you to his friends is a milestone moment.

When he introduces any girl to his friends, he is showing his friends how serious he is about her and that he sees a future with her.

He wants to be positive that you are that girl.

For now, he waits it out until he is absolutely positive that you are someone he wants to be with for the long-term.

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Besides the aforementioned reasons, a guy who hasn’t introduced you to his friends after 4 months of dating, is worried that you won’t be accepting of his friends or that they won’t be accepting of you.

In procrastinating the introduction, he gives his friends more time to warm up to what they are hearing about you from him and gives you more time to warm up to what you are hearing from him about them.

There is that unbridled fear that in introducing you to his friends before either party is ready, it instigates friction.

His worst nightmare has arrived.

With friends who don’t get along with you and vice versa, he is the middle man who has to keep the peace.

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While with his friends, he is having to defend you, and while with you, he is having to defend his friends.

Feeling he has no choice but to give it extra time to warm you up to them and them to you, he waits it out.

It has been 4 months since you have been seeing each other and it doesn’t look like you are any closer to meeting his friends.

So far, he hasn’t reached a place in his mind where he believes either party is ready for an introduction.

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