Been Seeing Each Other For 4 Months And Haven’t Met His Friends

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Been Seeing Each Other For 4 Months And Haven't Met His Friends

After 4 months you should have met at least one or more of his friends by now.

You should ask him about how he feels about the relationship and how he feels about you.

Don’t be confrontational about it.

Just ask him to be honest.

There is a reason why you haven’t met his friends yet.

There is something that is holding him back.

Try to look back on your relationship so far.

Does he often talk to you about his friends?

Does he tell you about specific moments that he has had with his friends?

Does he mention some of his friends by name?

If he rarely talks to you about his friends or even mentions them by name to you, he may not be serious about this relationship.

The likelihood of ever meeting his friends are a lot less when he never or rarely talks about them to you.

This may mean that he doesn’t really see this relationship going further.

He may look at the relationship as something that is good for him for now but doesn’t see it lasting.

On the flip side, if he does talk to you about his friends and mentions some of them by name, there is a good chance that you will eventually meet them.

However, he may still need some time to figure out if this is the relationship he wants to stay in.

He may want to be certain that you are the right one for him before he allows you to meet his friends.

He may truly believe that if he were to introduce you to his friends, he would be showing his friends just how serious he is about you.

This may be a really big deal to him.

As a result, he decides to wait it out until he is absolutely certain that you are someone he would want to be with for the long-term.

Another reason why you haven’t met his friends may also be because he is worried that you wouldn’t be accepting of them or they wouldn’t be accepting of you.

He may feel like he has to give his friends more time to warm up to you before he introduces them to you.

He may also feel like he has to give you more time to warm up to them before he introduces you to them.

This kind of uncertainty may be the reason why it has been 4 months and you still haven’t met his friends.

He may truly be worried that he could either lose you or his friends if the introductions aren’t made at the appropriate time.

If you have a certain set of beliefs that contradict with those of his friends, he may be even more hesitant to have you meet them.

He may just want to wait it out until you have gotten comfortable enough with him that you won’t judge him for his choice of friends.

Once he feels that you have true feelings for him, he may feel safer in introducing you to his friends without the fear that he may lose you because you disapprove.

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