He Doesn’t Want Me To Stay The Night And I’m Clueless About Why

He doesn’t want you to stay the night, believing that it is too soon to do so at this stage in the relationship.

He Doesn't Want Me To Stay The Night And I'm Clueless About WhyAlthough you are clueless about why, he isn’t clueless about his reasoning.

To him, it isn’t appropriate to go that far at this time.

Taking the time to get to know you better before he has you to stay the night, is preferable to him.

He wants to know whether you are someone who is trustworthy.

He isn’t on that level yet.

No matter how good you believe it has been with him, he isn’t ready to take it to the next stage by having you stay the night.

It isn’t unusual for two people to be at different levels of trust in a young relationship.

One is ready to go to the next stage and the other isn’t.

It doesn’t mean he won’t reach that similar stage, but for now, he hasn’t.

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Don’t fall into the trap of moving too far ahead of him and forcing what you desire on him.

A relationship that is in the early stages of dating is fresh and new.

Sometimes, the two parties move in unison and reach a higher level of security and trust at the same time.

Other times, they don’t.

In your case, he hasn’t reached that level yet.

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Being that it is early, give it time.

Be patient.

Work on building further rapport.

By keeping your focal point on building rapport with him through good conversation and going out on dates, he has a greater likelihood of reaching a level of security and trust that matches your own.

This is when he has you stay the night on his own volition.

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As long as he communicates with you and goes out on dates with you regularly, he is showing sustained interest in you.

What you have to do is be disciplined and keep yourself from forcing your will on him.

Keep your emotions under control.

Whenever he is over at your place or you at his, never set an expectation in your mind about staying the night.

Concentrate on having a good time with him and building further rapport.

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Monitor your body language.

He knows when you aren’t happy, regardless of whether you say it or not, thanks to your body language.

When your body slouches, you avoid sustained eye contact and you suddenly distance yourself from him physically, he knows you are unhappy that you aren’t staying the night.

Don’t do this.

Any gesture on your part, whether verbal or physical, that demonstrates your disappointment in not staying the night, applies undue pressure on him that makes it harder for him to feel secure.

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When you make someone feel pressure, it works against you, as it doesn’t give them the mental freedom to come to a place of security and trust in the relationship at a speedier time frame.

Your behavior is causing further delay from getting what you desire, staying the night.

Avoid expectations and maintain positive body language, no matter what.

Once he has reached a similar level of security and trust with you, suggesting you stay the night is assured.

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