Should I Stop Dating This Girl Because She Is Too Motherly And Dominant?

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Should I Stop Dating This Girl Because She Is Too Motherly And Dominant?

When a girl you are dating is being too motherly and dominant, this may be something that she has done in past relationships and gotten away with.

She may have dealt with one or more boyfriends in her past that had a totally different perspective on this and a different personality than your own.

Being that she has had those previous relationships and gotten away with being motherly and dominant, she may feel like she can do the same with you.

She is simply used to what she has always done or typically done in relationships and may not know any better.

She may honestly believe that this is what her relationships are supposed to be like because this is what her past boyfriends have allowed her to do in the past.

As human beings, we tend to become attached to behaviors we are used to.

We are creatures of habit.

It is easier that way.

It enables us to know what to expect and anticipate.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always a healthy way to go about living our lives.

It could cause us to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again.

When we keep doing the same thing over and over again, we don’t grow.

We stifle ourselves and our relationships.

Your best bet may be to talk to her about how she behaves.

She may honestly not know that she does this to this level because it is what she has always done in past relationships.

To her, this kind of motherliness and dominance may be the norm.

She may not know any different because she hasn’t been shown or taught any different.

You would need to let her know that you don’t like it and would rather she treated you as an equal.

If she is fine with that, she may be willing to change her ways.

This may take some time though.

So, you would have to be patient.

Old habits are hard to break.

However, if you do like this girl and can see a future with her, you may be better off talking to her first instead of stopping the dates.

She may be totally willing to go along with you and make this thing work.

She may have never been told in the past that she is too motherly and dominant.

You may actually be opening her eyes to the fact that she is this way.

If she is willing to go along with this, just let her know the specific moments that she tends to act this way.

Give her specific accounts of what she has done in the past that was too motherly or dominant.

It is important that you do this so that she is made aware of the specific acts that she has been doing.

She would need to know what they are so that she can begin to correct them.

Be willing to give her the time that she needs to work on this.

Be encouraging.

In time, she may become the girl who is no longer motherly and dominant.

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