How To Tell If She Will Cheat On Me As A Potential Partner?

When she has a history of cheating in her past relationships, it is highly plausible she will cheat on you.

How To Tell If She Will Cheat On Me As A Potential Partner?To get an independent account of her relationship history, get friendly with her friends, family and acquaintances.

Build rapport with these people.

Talk to them.

Relate to what they tell you through sharing stories about a similar experience or interest.

Be available to them when they need someone to talk to or need favors.

Make yourself indispensable to them.

This builds rapport, which in turn builds trust.

Once they trust you and like you, there are greater odds that they are open and honest with you about her past.

Work hard to get them to reach this degree of comfort with you.

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It isn’t unusual for family and friends to be tight-lipped at first about a loved one.

They don’t want her to look bad.

Once you have built trust with them, their lips get loose.

Listen for hints in what they tell you.

A family member or friend who is being ambiguous, drops hints.

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Instead of coming right out and telling you that she cheated on a past boyfriend named John, they tell you that John was hurt about how the relationship transpired.

When you ask them about why John was hurt, they give you that look as if to say, “Do I really have to spell it out to you?”

Others are straight up and tell you the truth about her cheating past, while softening the blow by saying something like, “But she is different with you. I think you are special.”

Receiving multiple accounts of cheating from multiple family members and friends is how you do it.

When you have this many people who know her intimately, giving you the same accounts, it isn’t hard to draw the conclusion that she is a cheat.

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A girl with a history of cheating is likely to cheat on you.

Something else that gives you a better idea on whether she will cheat on you is in the current relationships she has with guys in her life.

How many of them are ex-boyfriends?

How many of them are guys she has hooked up with in the past?

How frequently are they contacting her, and does she take their calls or respond to their texts?

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With this many ex-boyfriends around her, reaching out, she is confronted with temptation on a regular basis.

With this many guys she has hooked up with in the past reaching out to her, she is facing the temptation to hook up with them as an encore.

Her insistence to respond to these guys is how she keeps them drooling, waiting for their moment to pounce and sleep with her.

No matter how much she tells you that she doesn’t care about them, a moment of weakness is all it takes to get her running right into their arms.

A moment of weakness after a fight she has with you, or after a period where she feels you didn’t show her enough support.

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Fortuitously, while she is in a weakened mental state, she receives a call or text message from one of these guys who has been waiting on the wings, and she is cheating on you an hour later with one of them.

Besides a history of cheating and ex-boyfriends or ex hookups waiting on the wings, take a closer look at her family members and circle of friends.

How many of her family members and friends have faithful relationships?

How many of them have cheated on their past partners?

A girl who grows up in a family where cheating was rampant is bound to pick up on those bad habits.

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That was what she knew growing up, in her formative years.

Being around the cheating of family members as she was growing up, is bound to have shaped how she approaches relationships as a grown-up.

This is further supported when she has multiple friends who have a history of cheating.

She independently picked these people as her friends.

Our friends reflect who we are as people.

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Like attracts like.

Choosing to have friends who have a history of cheating on their partners is a harbinger of what is to come from her.

She will cheat.

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