How To Tell If She Will Cheat?

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How To Tell If She Will Cheat?A good way to tell if she will cheat is to use her past relationship history as your guide.

If she has a history of cheating in her past relationships, there is a good chance that she will cheat on you.

You may wonder how you can go about getting a true account of her relationship history so as to figure this out.

One of the best ways to do this is through her friends, family and acquaintances.

You need to start building a rapport with these people.

Go out of your way to help them or get to know them. Relate to them as best you can.

Try to be available to them if they need someone to talk to or need favors.

Make yourself indispensable to them.

This builds rapport which in turn builds trust.

Once they start trusting you and liking you, they will be a lot more willing to be open and honest with you about her past.

You have to get them to this level of comfort with you.

They may be tight-lipped at first because they don’t want to make her look bad.

However, if you have gotten them to like and trust you, they would be a lot more willing to tell you the truth about her past relationships.

Even if they don’t come right out and tell you about a cheating past, they will drop hints in the words or sentences that they use from time to time.

You need to pay attention to these hints.

These hints will begin to help you piece together the information that you need.

Another good way to tell if she will cheat is in her current relationships with guys.

How many ex boyfriends are still in her life?

How many guys that you know she has physically hooked up with in the past are still an active part of her social circle?

How often does she engage in activities with these particular guys and communicate with them?

If she has her ex boyfriends and past hook ups around her all the time, the likelihood of her cheating with them is strong.

All it may take is a moment of nostalgia or doubt.

She may have a fight with you and look for comfort from one of them.

One thing leads to another and she is cheating.

There are a lot of guys who will hang around just for this opportunity alone.

They know that at some moment they may have a chance to be intimate with her again if she gets into that frame of mind.

All they have to do is stick around, be in her social circle and wait it out.

Hence, take a good hard look at which guys she surrounds herself with and what kind of history she has with them.

Another good way to tell if she will cheat is if you notice that she doesn’t have that many friends that have long-lasting or faithful relationships.

You may notice that the majority of her friends have either cheated on their partners or have been in very tumultuous relationships.

As human beings, we tend to be or become who we choose to socialize with and call our friends.

In other words, people rub off of each other. When you hang around a certain crop of people, there is a good chance that you will start being like them at some point or pick up certain mannerisms.

If she is has these kind of people as friends, her likelihood of cheating on you is a lot higher because of their influence on her.

She may not even be aware of the kind of influence they are having on her as far as the possibility of cheating is concerned until it’s too late.

She may even believe that she is the kind of person who wouldn’t cheat.

But then again, if she is around the wrong kind of people, she could eventually find herself in a position where it becomes that much harder for her not to cheat.

Perhaps she gets inebriated or she just has a really lousy day.

Then she cheats thanks to a bad influence putting her in tempting situations or environments.

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