Why Won’t She Let Me See Her Face Online?

Why Won't She Let Me See Her Face Online?

She isn’t letting you see her face online for safety concerns.

It is too soon for her.

Additional time is needed as she gets to know you, so as to feel secure enough to show you her face online.

Safety concerns when it comes to online dating range from a fear of identity theft, robbery, meeting a violent criminal, etc.

There is no end to the scary stories she has heard about online dating, especially from the media.

To be safe, she doesn’t let you see her face.

For all she knows, a tech savvy guy online is capable of using her face to uncover her full name and where she lives.

For her, not letting you see her face is about her personal safety, and this won’t change until she believes you are someone trustworthy.

Besides safety concerns, there are some women who don’t let you see their face online based on not having that much experience in communicating with guys online.

Her little experience with doing this has left her weary of getting ahead of herself.

Right now, she needs further experience in communicating with guys online.

The more she communicates with you online, the greater the likelihood she familiarizes herself with this new medium of communication.

Unlike you, she isn’t too familiar with using the internet as a source for connecting with guys who have romantic potential and she has her reservations about it.

Meeting romantic potentials online isn’t something she grew up with and adjusting to what this is like takes time.

For her, meeting romantic potentials through traditional face to face meetings is where she derives the greatest security.

Traditions die hard and she is struggling to move with the new times and get confident using the internet to do something she has little experience doing.

Besides safety concerns and a lack of experience with meeting guys online, there are some women who don’t let guys see their face online for privacy concerns.

In showing her face online, she is putting herself out there for the entire world to see.

Given how uncertain she is about everything to do with meeting guys online in the first place, the thought that her face is out there for her friends, coworkers, family and everyone else in the world to see online is intimidating.

For her, a combination of intimidation, fear and embarrassment, makes her anxious about posting a picture of her face online.

What would her family, friends, coworkers, boss, etc., say?

Though the internet has rapidly become a popular medium whereby people meet romantic matches, there are some who haven’t embraced it yet, and have reservations about completely adopting it as a means to meet romantic matches.

This being said, there are some situations where a woman’s reluctance to let you see her face online has nothing to do with safety concerns, a lack of experience of meeting guys online, or privacy.

Rather, she is unattractive and ashamed of it.

The idea is to have you get to know her over time and get to like her as a person.

Once you get to like her as a person, she contemplates letting you see her face.

The hope is that you like her enough to overlook the reality that she isn’t attractive.

Last but not least, there are instances where a woman doesn’t let you see her face online because she doesn’t want it to go beyond online conversation.

Basically, she is intent on chatting, but has no motivations to eventually meet you in person.

Periodically, people get lonely or bored and want someone to chat with for a fairly short period of time.

Meeting guys online to chat with is impersonal.

She knows she has no intention of meeting you in real life and believes that talking to you without letting you see her face, keeps you from having expectations about meeting her one day.

Doing this maintains her anonymity, while simultaneously killing her boredom and temporary loneliness.


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