We Barely Know Each Other, Why Is He Moving So Fast?

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We Barely Know Each Other, Why Is He Moving So Fast?

He may be moving so fast when you barely know each other because he wants to get into a relationship with you right now.

In essence, he may be afraid that the longer he waits, the higher the likelihood that you will lose interest in him and move on.

Guys like this normally have some experience in this capacity in that he may have liked girls in the past that did this.

He may recall these experiences and want to avoid them as much as possible.

In this past experience, everything seemed to be going so well with the girl and then all of a sudden the girl was no longer interested.

She wasn’t returning his calls or texts as quickly and regularly as she used to.

She wasn’t taking the initiative to contact him anymore.

It got a whole lot harder to get a hold of her.

These are the moments in his past that he may not want to experience again.

A guy with this kind of past experience decides that it would be a lot better to move fast than to take the time to let the process of dating or interacting with a girl develop.

This is one of the reasons why he may be moving so fast even though he barely knows you.

You should also consider the possibility that he may be moving so fast because he feels like he may have stumbled in his interaction with you recently.

He may feel like there was something he said or did that may have given you a negative impression of him.

He gets nervous about this and wants to make it up.

He is fearful that whatever it was may have affected your perception of him in a negative way.

He tries to move fast so that he doesn’t allow you to dwell on that mistake or incident.

This could be something that is honestly all in his head.

You may have no issue with something he may have said or done in a past interaction.

However, he doesn’t know that.

He is already insecure enough as it is.

He just wants to find a way to get past that incident by moving this interaction a lot quicker than he should.

Also, when a guy that barely knows you moves so fast, there may be a part of him that honestly thinks that this is what you would want.

He may be misguided in the belief that this is the pace that he is supposed to go on.

Perhaps he has seen his friends move at this rate. He thinks that he should do the same.

He may believe that by going at this pace he is truly showing you how much he likes you.

Isn’t that what all girls want? A guy that truly shows her how much he likes her?

Well, he may be a bit overzealous in this aspect but he doesn’t know that.

Guys who move too fast may also be doing so because they just got out of a relationship.

They are still emotionally affected by that relationship and desperately want to move on to another relationship in order to mask the heartache.

This is when guys are essentially trying to find a rebound.

He does this because he wants to find a way to mask the hurt or bitterness he feels from that recent break up.

You essentially become his rebound and a quick replacement.

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3 thoughts on “We Barely Know Each Other, Why Is He Moving So Fast?”

  1. Interesting. I hit a spot in my life where I dated five of these kind of guys in a row. So, I gave up dating. All but one guy asked me to marry him after two dates! The one guy out of the five that didn’t was telling me where his furniture would look good in my house! I took that they were crazy. Who wants to marry someone they don’t even know!! I’m jealous of women that can’t get men to commit. I do not do crazy period I just don’t. So everyone of them got dumped asap. However I just refused to get out there any more.

  2. Hi Ellen,

    You either have an incredible effect on guys or you have had some really desperate guys for dates. Don’t give up on getting out there though. Perhaps try dating a different kind of guy that has qualities that you don’t typically look for in a guy but still appeals to you. You may have better luck this way.

  3. Hey Luke, I met a guy back in August. We talked for about a week or two. I wasn’t interested and I made it clear, but once he told me what he did for a living, I asked him to partner with me and offer a certain service for my business. We talked two years previous on a dating but I don’t remember much of what we talked about. I ended up liking him. We meet and had such great chemistry. After we meet we talked often and he said he felt like he could build something with me. I feel the same. He told me about having two stokes two weeks apart and then mentioned his ex girl friends stuff still being in his apartment. She moved 4hrs away. They still talk and probably will until she grabs her stuff. He told me he wanted to tell me so there were no surprises and asked if I was ok with all of this. I can ask questions whenever I feel the need.

    We meet a week later ( he lives an hour away) and we talked all night and forgot about the moving we were watching. I’m curious if I sound like a rebound or replacement for his ex. They broke up a few months ago after a year. He said there were no feelings for her left when they broke up. I’m wondering if it doesn’t sound like a rebound, what my next step should be with him. I feel like I should tell him that I need to see actions and not just words, when he invites me into his life, then I’ll know he’s serious about me.

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