Guys, Would You Ever Date A Chubby Girl As A Potential Relationship Partner?

Most guys prefer dating a girl who isn’t chubby, but there are those who love chubby girls and pursue them only.

Guys, Would You Ever Date A Chubby Girl As A Potential Relationship Partner?As a chubby girl, own who you are and be confident in yourself.

Never accept that you have no agency in life.

Unlimited power lies within you.

When you are completely happy with yourself, don’t transform to someone else for the sole purpose of pleasing guys.

The world is a big place filled with men who have eclectic tastes in women, and a number of them date chubby girls.

What matters most is that you are happy and confident in your own skin.

This is where several chubby girls go wrong.

They don’t love themselves and consequently give off a negative aura.

When a guy perceives that you don’t love and accept yourself, he is less enthused to talk to you.

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This doesn’t apply to chubby girls exclusively.

Girls who are height-weight proportionate or slender, who don’t love themselves nor accept themselves, are a turn off to the majority of men too.

Attitude and aura matters to men too, and not physicality alone.

Get involved in activities that you care about, whether it is in academics, art, politics, etc.

This builds character and confidence.

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Character and confidence attracts guys.

So much comes down to how you live your life and how you choose to look at the world.

When you have a positive outlook on life, it is reflected in how you behave around guys.

This is the mindset that forms a healthy individual in you, who is fun to date.

Steer clear of making excuses for your life or why you are a chubby girl.

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This is where you feel sorry for yourself and completely remove the responsibility you should have for your life.

You aren’t that person.

Own yourself and your actions.

Doing this eliminates bitterness and laying blame elsewhere.

Never forget that you possess unlimited power.

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A deep unhappiness about being chubby isn’t a life sentence.

You have the power to change that.

Discipline yourself and do what must be done, whether it lies in changing your diet, exercising, eliminating or downsizing relationships with enablers, etc.

Whether you are chubby or not, a girl who is happy and confident in herself attracts men, period.

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