Would A Guy Date A Girl Who Was Older Than Him?

Would A Guy Date A Girl Who Was Older Than Him?

Yes, guys date older girls.

There is a limit though.

Naturally, most people look for someone around their age or closer to their age, whether it be older or younger, when they are seeking someone to date.

A guy does the same.

He doesn’t mind dating a girl who is older, as long as she is closer to his age.

There are exceptions.

There are guys who naturally gravitate towards an older girl and date that exclusively.

But again, the lion’s share of guys look for a girl around their age or close.

Stop fretting.

When you keep fretting and worrying about the likelihood of a guy dating an older girl, you make yourself excessively anxious.

This hurts you when you are around guys who are open to dating older women.

Being that you are older, you permit this to lessen your confidence and damage your self-worth.

Don’t permit it to go this far.

In lieu of this, focus on what makes you such an interesting and unique individual.

What do your friends and family say about you in terms of your personality?

These are the qualities that you need to show a guy.

Such uniqueness warrants an audience, besides those who are close to you.

When a guy is intrigued by your uniqueness, he is open to dating you, excited to devour additional information about you.

When you concentrate on showing your positive qualities, you overcome whatever negatives you believe your older age elicits.

The worry, is what does you in.

You come up with assumptions that have nothing to do with what a guy is candidly thinking about you.

Assumptions are dangerous, as they compel you to act and talk differently, contradicting who you are as a person.

A guy picks up on it, knowing there is something on your mind that you are insecure about.

This turns him off.

He hasn’t thought about your age.

Yet, here you are, insecure and worried about it.

The insecurity you are showing is what he uses to judge you, not your age.

Befuddled, he moves on to someone else and leaves you behind.

How you carry yourself and the attitude you convey is the biggest key to success with a guy.

Your age is only an impediment when you make it an issue.

There are some guys who appreciate the maturity that comes with older age in a woman.

These guys are used to talking to younger girls who are unsure of what they want and act immaturely.

They are tired of this and want someone that has a good head on her shoulders and life experience.

This person is you.

In demonstrating insecurity about your age, you rob a guy from experiencing your authentic personality.

Guys are eclectic in who they choose to date.

Though a generality prefer dating women who are their age or close, several are open to older women and in some cases, pursue older women exclusively.

Rather than worrying about your age, demonstrate your personality to a wide range of men.

With this approach, attracting a number of these men to you as potential romantic partners is guaranteed.


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