Would A Guy Date A Girl Who Was Older Than Him?

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Would A Guy Date A Girl Who Was Older Than Him?

Yes, most guys wouldn’t have a problem dating a girl who was older.

However, there is a limit.

Naturally, most people look for someone around their age or closer to their age whether it be older or younger when they are seeking someone to date.

A guy would do the same.

He wouldn’t mind dating a girl who was older as long as she was closer to his age.

Of course there are always exceptions.

There are some guys who naturally gravitate towards an older girl and will date that exclusively.

However, most guys will look for a girl around their age or close.

What you shouldn’t do is fret.

If you keep fretting and worrying about this, you could make yourself very anxious.

The fact that you are older may make you feel less confidence and damage your sense of self worth.

You can’t let things go this far. Instead, focus on what makes you such an interesting and unique individual.

What do your friends and family often say about you in terms of your personality?

These qualities are important.

These are the qualities that you should be eager to show a guy.

Your focus should be on the uniqueness that is you and letting that be known.

If you intrigue a guy enough, he may become a lot more open to dating you and learning more about you even if you may not be within his age range.

When you are able to focus on the positive, you can overcome whatever negatives you are feeling about your age.

The worry is what can really do you in.

It makes you make assumptions about a situation that may make you do something you shouldn’t.

Assumptions can be very dangerous.

They will make you act and talk in a certain way.

They will make you think in a certain way that may be detrimental to your interaction with this guy.

A guy will be able to tell that there is something on your mind.

A guy will be able to tell that you feel insecure about something.

This could turn him off from you entirely.

He may not have even thought about your age.

Yet, here you are, insecure and worried.

He takes that to mean that you are an insecure person in general when in fact you may not be.

This makes him decide to move on to someone else and leave you behind.

The way you carry yourself and the attitude you convey is the biggest key to success with this guy.

Your age is only an impediment if you make it an issue.

There are some guys who appreciate the level of maturity that comes with age in a woman.

These guys may be used to talking or dealing with girls who tend to be unsure of what they want and act immaturely.

They may actually be tired of this and want someone that has a good head on her shoulders and a life experience.

This person may be you. However, they will never have a chance to get to know this person if all you do is remain concerned about the fact that you are older.

If he is one of those guys that is very particular on age, he will typically not bother with you any way.

On the other hand, the guy that doesn’t care about age would give you a chance.

Don’t ruin it by being worried about it. Just show him your personality and let the rest take care of itself.

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