Is It Possible To Love Three People At Once?

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Is It Possible To Love Three People At Once?

It is possible to love three people at once.

The human brain is capable of loving and loving abundantly.

There is no limit to the amount of love that a human being can have.

It is part of what makes people human and what makes people happy.

In your situation, you may love three people at once but you love them for different reasons.

If you pay closer attention to this, you will notice that there are different elements to each person that you like.

Each of these three individuals make you feel a different way because they each have something uniquely different about them.

You may love the fact that one of them is so generous.

This may be the reason why you love this one.

Another one could be very exciting to be with.

This could be the reason why you love this one.

The third could be very sweet.

This could be the reason why you love this one.

There are different reasons why you love each one.

This is important to note.

You have to be able to differentiate between the three.

You have to be able to tell just what it is that makes you love each one individually.

At this point, you have a decision to make.

If your goal is to ultimately be with one, you will have to pick the one that represents the quality that you love the most.

If you love the quality of generosity, you should pick the one that is like this.

This is your best option.

You would find it very difficult to maintain a relationship with all three.

There would be moments of confusion and stress.

You would also have a difficult time integrating all three into your day to day life.

Unless they are all aware of what you are doing and are fine with it, which is unlikely, you would start lying to each one in order to maintain all three relationships.

This can be very grueling.

Hence, picking one may be your best option.

Remember that this is about how each of them make you feel uniquely. They each have a differentiating quality that attracts you.

Just figure out which quality matters to you the most and go with the individual that represents it as your final choice.

When you love three people at once, it can be very easy to want to eat your cake and have it too.

In other words, you have your needs being met by all three and you choose to stay in this situation because you love the attention.

This can be a very big trap.

The longer you delay making a choice, the harder it will be to do.

You may ultimately reach a point where you lose them all because they sense that you are not being entirely honest with them or they find out about each other.

You shouldn’t put yourself in this situation.

You should want to make a choice as soon as you can so that you can start building a meaningful relationship with the one.

This is something that would require some courage on your part because it can be hard to let go of such a good thing.

However, it is better to make a choice and end up with the right one for you than end up with none.

You may be hesitant to have to make this choice but doing so will also help uncomplicate your love life and enable you to move forward in a positive way.

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