He Already Wants To Commit But I Don’t Know Yet

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He Already Wants To Commit But I Don't Know Yet

You shouldn’t get into a committed relationship that you aren’t ready for.

If he already wants to commit but you don’t know yet, you need time to consider this.

Perhaps you simply need to come to terms with what it would be like to be in a committed relationship.

Perhaps you simply need more time to see how this relationship goes before getting into a commitment.

Either way, this is not the time to make any sudden moves.

You may do something that you live to regret.

You should ask yourself why you don’t know yet.

You should be honest with yourself as you do this.

This is the time to really take a real hard look at the relationship.

There may be some elements about it that you don’t exactly agree with.

You may not have drawn any attention to these in the past because you felt like you were simply enjoying the moment.

However, now would be the time to really take a closer look at these elements.

Perhaps you feel like you are both so different in the way you view the world.

You may have even noticed some parts of his behavior that make you feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Perhaps he is quick to anger or tends to get moody too easily.

There may be something that you have been brushing aside and ignoring all this time simply because you just didn’t want to bother.

You may have been doing this because you have been trying to focus on his positives and not the negatives.

However, now is the time for you to stop and take account of what these negatives have been and how important they are to you.

Being in a committed relationship with this guy means that you will be exposed to more and more of these negatives.

The more you are around each other as a committed couple, the more you will experience these behaviors that give you pause.

You may have issues with these behaviors but find it harder and harder to fix them because you are in a committed relationship with a person that you may now care for deeply who isn’t willing to make changes.

This will be a really big problem and can put a massive strain on the relationship.

This is why you must consider all before you commit to this guy.

Getting into a commitment is a serious move. Don’t take it lightly.

You must also determine how you feel.

Do you truly want to be in a committed relationship right now?

Do you feel like you have other priorities that take precedence over a committed relationship?

Do you still pine for an ex that you haven’t gotten over?

These are very important questions that you need to ask yourself.

If you were to get caught up in the moment without addressing these questions, you may enter a committed relationship that is doomed to fail because you weren’t mentally ready.

If you don’t feel like you would be able to give a hundred percent of yourself to this guy in a committed relationship, don’t get into one.

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