Why Do I Try To Find Excuses Not To See Him?

Why Do I Try To Find Excuses Not To See Him?You may not be ready for a relationship.

You may be trying to find excuses not to see him because you haven’t come to terms with this fact, although this understanding may have festered in the back of your mind.

A part of you may still be curious about what being in a relationship with him would be like.

However, the more dominant part of you knows that a relationship with him isn’t what you would want right now.

Again, it may be hard for you to come to terms with this. He may be a charming guy and you find it difficult to let him go.

However, you do have to understand your reality.

When you can’t entertain the idea of being in a meaningful relationship with him, your mind is sending you a message.

You may enjoy interacting with him on a short-term basis but the truth is, you can’t really see it going any further than that.

You may also have to consider the fact that you may be afraid.

Perhaps your last relationship ended in a really bad way.

You may have been betrayed in the past and now find it difficult to trust someone in a relationship.

You may also be afraid of yourself and worry that you could ruin or jeopardize this relationship.

You may feel that you have done this in past relationships and you don’t want to put yourself in that position again.

You may have even been the one who was unfaithful, unreasonable and demanding.

You don’t know if you can act any different from how you did in the past.

You may be coming to terms with these shortcomings and trying to work on them.

Hence, you don’t believe that it would make sense to see him and possibly start a relationship when you have so much work to do on yourself.

You may also try to find excuses not to see him because you love the fact that he is pursuing you so hard.

It can feel really good to be chased and desired by another human being on a romantic level. It makes you feel desirable and special.

You may want to continue experiencing this feeling.

You don’t want to cut it short by simply giving in to what he wants.

You keep the game going because you know that it will leave him hungry and you glorified.

You may not even be sure that you want to ultimately date him but you do want to be chased.

Another reason you should consider is the possibility that you may believe that he isn’t the right fit for you.

You may feel like there is not enough commonality.

The physical chemistry may be there, but in the end, you find it very difficult to relate to this guy.

You like the banter, flirting and when he makes you laugh out loud.

However, there is a sense of disconnection in the sense that you can’t really form that bond.

You can’t really get comfortable enough with him because you feel like the both of you are on the opposite ends of a track.

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