Your Ex “Liked” You On A Dating Site

Your Ex "Liked" You On A Dating Site

Your ex “liked” you on a dating site because the sight of your dating profile brought back good memories.

His presence on a dating site, points to him looking for someone to date.

He isn’t having as much success as he would have hoped for on the dating site.

As he searches through online dating profiles, he finally comes across yours and it puts a smile on his face.

Here is a familiar face that he knows. Here is a person that he has actually interacted with in the past.

Here is a person that has characteristics that he is familiar with.

He begins to reminisce on some of the good times that you had. It puts an even wider smile on his face.

He has not been having that much luck on the dating site in meeting potential dates but you are something different.

You give him a reason to hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Perhaps you could both work out your problems.

This time apart enabled the both of you to gain a different and better perspective on life.

This time around is something special.

He would really like to get out of this dating site and meet you.

He doesn’t want to keep dealing with these strangers.

He doesn’t want to continue browsing dating profiles and searching for the right one for him.

So far, he has had no luck and all this searching is so exhausting.

At that moment, he decides to “like” your dating profile.

He is not quite sure how you will respond.

Perhaps your breakup with him wasn’t on the best of terms.

In spite of that, there is a part of him that strongly hopes that you respond.

He would just love to correspond with a familiar face again.

He feels like he would know what to expect from your character because of the history you share.

This is a lot more safe than sending more messages to girls who aren’t responding to his advances on the dating site.

This is the frame of mind that your ex was in when he “liked” your dating profile.

He more than likely is hoping for a response from you.

He is in need of a relationship and tired of the unpredictability of trying to find someone on the dating site.

You would also be a lot less work.

He wouldn’t have to find ways to charm you.

He would already know what tends to work on you.

You will have to decide whether you truly want your ex back into your life.

Indeed, you probably have feelings for him.

Having feelings for him isn’t enough.

You must truly believe that there is a real future with him.

You must truly believe that your problems can be worked out.

If you merely get into another relationship with your ex without working on the problems that led to the past break up, you will run into the same problems again.

How willing are you to make this work?

This is something that you can’t take lightly and you truly need to think about.

Your decision could affect your love life in a truly profound way.

Do you truly believe the relationship can be rekindled?

Don’t allow your emotion to be your guide.

Allow your reason.


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