Why Would A Guy Say That He Wants A Second Date But Then Not Call Or Text Again?

He was lying to you when he said that he wanted a second date, and his lack of action in calling or texting you bears that out.

Why Would A Guy Say That He Wants A Second Date But Then Not Call Or Text Again?There was a perception that this was something that you wanted to hear, but he never meant it.

A guy’s actions speak a lot louder than his words.

When a guy doesn’t follow through on making that call or text for the second date, he is not serious about the girl.

A guy who is serious about a girl would be excited to set up a second date and would have one with her in short order.

There are guys who just don’t know how to come right out and say that they aren’t interested.

They leave you hopeful of a second date but then dash your hopes.

Take cues from what happened on your first date.

Be conscious of male body language, so that you don’t get led on like this again.

A guy who is interested in you on your first date touches you from time to time.

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He touches you on your arm, thigh or face.

There is a part of him that wants to establish a form of connection through touch.

Always look for this.

You should also study the way he moves his body.

A guy on a first date with you would try to get closer to you as you converse.

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He leans in closer to you or moves an extremity(hand, leg) closer to yours.

He is doing this due to romantic interest.

You are making him feel good and he wants to get closer to that source of joy.

A guy would also preen when he is interested in a girl on their date.

When he preens, he is adjusting his clothing or hair quite often.

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It is a sign of him trying to better his appearance so that he can be more appealing to you.

He does this unconsciously as the both of you socialize.

This is a very strong body language sign of interest.

I would bet that this guy who told you that he wanted a second date but didn’t call or text barely exhibited any of these signs, if any.

Knowing what to look for in a guy’s body language on future dates is beneficial to you

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With this awareness, should he tell you that he would like a second date but never calls or texts, you wouldn’t be all that surprised.

His body language during the date gives you a much better idea about whether there is veracity in his words.

You aren’t a priority to him.

He is dating other girls at the moment.

Those girls are more important to him.

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He thought that he would try a second date with you but decided to go on another date with another girl that he has also been dating.

He likes this girl more than he does you.

He gave her priority over you.

Unfortunately, he did this at your emotional expense.

Don’t dwell on this.

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Rather, move on to new guys.

He has already shown himself to be untrustworthy by his words and not backing up those words with action.

Thereby, this is not the kind of person you should want to date anyway.

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