People Say I’m Pretty But Why Am I Still Single And Ignored?

There are guys who are intensely intimidated by pretty girls when they are in the presence of said girls.

People Say I'm Pretty But Why Am I Still Single And Ignored?They assume that the pretty girl already has a boyfriend.

Unfortunately, this assumption is what has contributed to why you are still single.

They draw the conclusion that the pretty girl wouldn’t find them attractive, surmising that she is out of their league, and thereby, they shouldn’t even think about talking to her.

This is often what goes through a guy’s mind when he sees a pretty girl.

He starts weighing the likelihood that you would be receptive to his approach.

The prettier you are, the less likely he wants to take the risk.

Some of these guys have also had a history of failure with pretty girls.

They have approached a pretty girl in the past, only to have her turn him down or even be rude.

The guy doesn’t want to go through that again.

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He looks at you and begins to recollect his past with pretty girls.

He remembers how he summoned up the courage to approach a pretty girl only to have her reject him.

So, you are dealing with guys that are simply too intimidated or have had a bad history with approaching pretty girls.

You should also consider the likelihood that you are pretty but still single because you don’t give off the right kind of body language.

In other words, you are unapproachable.

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Many guys look for a cue from a woman that sends him the signal that she is interested.

They look for eye contact, a smile, a touch, a compliment, a nod, etc.

They want to get something from her body language to encourage them to move in and begin to talk to her.

A habit of rarely making eye contact with guys and smiling, makes it exceedingly difficult for many guys to make a move on you.

This is even further exacerbated by the fact that you are pretty.

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If you were less attractive, some guys are open to taking a chance.

They figure that they don’t have that much to lose.

Being that you are pretty, they interpret your body language as one that is uninterested and standoffish.

Getting turned down by you stings a lot worse, as you are a lot more desirable than a girl that is less attractive.

This aside, consider your self-confidence level or lack thereof.

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There is a part of you that is somewhat insecure.

Perhaps you tend to place too much of your value as a person in your looks.

When you feel like you don’t look as pretty today, that puts you in a depressive mood.

You base a lot of what makes you who you are on your physical appearance.

If you were not being shown the kind of attention that you believe a pretty person should be getting on a particular day, that affects your sense of self-esteem.

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This in turn affects the way you act and the aura that you give off.

When guys sense that you lack self-confidence or you tend to be insecure about your looks, they are turned off by you.

They see that you are pretty, but they get the sense that you are too much to deal with.

They don’t want to have to deal with a pretty girl who has mood swings and is dependent on the continuous stroking of her ego in order to help her get through her day.

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