How Do I Know If I’m Being Catfished On An Online Dating Site?

A catfish is someone online who pretends to be someone they are not by using fake profiles in order to win the attention of someone they like.

How Do I Know If I'm Being Catfished On An Online Dating Site?To know you are being catfished, watch for inconsistencies in this person’s story.

A catfish online creates a totally fabricated life.

They create a persona that doesn’t exist in reality.

To do this, they tell a number of fabricated stories.

Pay attention to what they are saying.

At some point, if you have had several conversations with them over time, you notice inconsistencies.

For example, they initially told you that they had a brother.

Well, a few months go by and they tell you about their sister.

You ask them about the brother and they tell you that they don’t have one.

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They have no idea that just a few months ago, they had mentioned a brother.

This is because a lot of time has passed.

It is hard for them to keep up with the stories that they are telling.

They forget certain details.

This is why you need to pay attention to what they are saying.

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Important details like this that provide misinformation are very key to ascertaining whether you are dealing with a catfish.

Family is important.

A person who somehow forgot that they have a brother, is clearly lying.

Another great way to know if your are being catfished is by taking note of this person’s manner of speaking.

There are certain words or expressions that this person uses repeatedly.

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We all do this as human beings. We tend to repeat certain phrases when we get excited or unhappy.

We use them automatically without thinking.

This is because those words and expressions have become habit.

If you observe very similar words or expressions being used by another person that is communicating with you online, you are getting catfished.

They aren’t aware that they are doing this.

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They have multiple social media accounts and dating profiles.

It is difficult to consistently separate all of the different personalities that they are portraying online.

Eventually, a similar word or expression slips.

You notice that same pattern of words or expressions as you communicate with this person’s multiple online accounts.

This enables you to see that all of these people are one person.

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Another good way to know that you are being catfished is when this person starts mistaking you for someone else.

They call you by a different name or reference something in your past that had nothing to do with you.

This is when they are getting confused.

They are talking to you as well as multiple other people.

They are mistaking certain details and mixing them up.

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It can be very difficult to get all the stories of the people that they are catfishing straight.

They start giving you details about something you did last summer when in fact they had gotten that information from someone totally different.

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