Do Boys Like Boyish Girls?

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Do Boys Like Boyish Girls?

Most boys prefer girlish girls as opposed to boyish girls.

Most guys like familiar territory.

Hence, they typically like fulfilling a certain role.

That role is the one they understand and have observed in other males throughout their lives.

Most guys are familiar with their “masculine” role.

That is their history.

That is what they define themselves by.

They would normally look for the opposite of their role in a girl.

Now, a boyish girl can still have feminine traits.

She just may prefer putting on less makeup, wearing baggy over formfitting clothes and showing less emotion.

Despite all this, a guy may not be particularly comfortable dealing with a boyish girl.

He may be used to a girl dressing up or doing other so called girlish things.

Since this is what he is used to, he may gravitate towards these girls first. However, this doesn’t mean that he would not find certain traits of the boyish girl attractive.

The boyish girl may be more willing to get dirty and even be more into video games.

If these are traits that the guy likes, he may want to be around the boyish girl.

He may even entertain the thought of dating her.

The problem is, where most guys may get doubtful about pursuing a romance with a boyish girl is when they are unable to find clear definitions in what their role is.

Again, being that most guys would be used to dating a girl who primarily has girlish traits, they may not quite know how to handle a boyish girl.

Indeed, they may truly enjoy hanging out with her.

She may be fun and different from the other girls in that she would be willing to get dirty with them if need be.

The boyish girl may have no problem playing hard with them in a sport or watching the sport and chanting alongside them.

The boyish girl may even enjoy helping the guy fix something about the house or on his car.

However, the guy may ultimately feel that though he may really get along with this boyish girl, he doesn’t quite see the difference in their roles. Again, most guys like to follow clear demarcations when they are dating someone.

They like to get the sense that they are the “masculine” in the relationship, whereas the girl they are dating is the “feminine.”

If they find it hard to see this definition because they notice that you as the boyish girl dress just like them or swear just as hard, it may be difficult for them to look at you as anything other than an awesome friend.

Now, there a certainly guys who do like boyish girls.

They are not the majority of guys but they do exist. They are actually drawn to the fact that the boyish girl is exactly the opposite of what the typical girlish girl is like.

They are attracted to the fact that the boyish girl may wear her hair shorter or put on less make up.

This difference may actually be what sets you apart from the other girls.

You should be able to find guys like this as long as you are willing to be patient and get to know as many guys as you can.

Broaden your social circle of friends and start going to new places.

Above all else, you should always be you.

If you are a boyish girl, don’t change who you are just because you are trying to get guys to like you.

They will be able to tell that you are being fake.

This isn’t attractive to them.

You wouldn’t be comfortable in your own skin either.

Be true to who you are.

Start meeting new people.

You will inevitably meet a guy who is attracted to your boyish nature.

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  1. I’m a guy who has always been attracted to “boyish” girls. I really like a short pageboy cut on a cute face, and the less makeup the better. As long as, ultimately, she *is* a girl and likes boys/men.

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