What Do Guys Think Of Girls With Belly Piercings?

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What Do Guys Think Of Girls With Belly Piercings?Most guys would have no problem with a girl that has a belly piercing.

Some guys will even regard that as sexy. On the right kind of belly and with the right kind of piercing, the girl may actually appear more appealing.

Not only in a physical sense but in a behavioral sense as well. As in, he may become curious about how long and often she has had them.

He may be curious as to what got her into belly piercings in the first place.

He may be curious about what that piercing may symbolize to her.

In other words, the belly piercing may give her more depth.

It may make her appear a little bit more layered as an individual.

This is especially true if he is a guy who doesn’t come across girls with belly piercings that often.

He may be interested in something that he is not used to seeing.

He may even want to know what the experience was like.

He may be curious about how far her threshold of pain is.

He may actually admire the fact that she does have this threshold.

It may make her appear courageous or convicted.

As I stated earlier, most guys would be fine with a belly piercing on a girl.

However, this being said, there are some guys who may take issue with it.

These guys are typically either very conservative or may have religious reasons for not liking it.

You have to be careful with the type of guy that you choose to date.

There are some guys who may regard your belly piercing as impure in some way.

They may regard it as something that shouldn’t interfere with the human body.

These are guys who may honestly be against piercings in general.

They may be the ones that dislike any form of alternative expression.

Your belly piercing may set them off and make them feel like you have cheapened yourself in some way.

You should honestly be able to tell this kind of guy while you are in the early stages of dating.

They may have a very myopic and pessimistic view of the world.

They may be very unwilling to entertain a different way to look at life’s issues and social viewpoints.

These guys are adamant that what they believe is truth.

They have been influenced by an ultraconservative environment and mindset.

You should be able to pick up on all these cues as you are dating him in the early stages.

A guy like this would be the most likely candidate to have an issue with your belly piercing.

He would be the one who may draw some very outlandish conclusions simply based on the fact that you have a little orb around your belly button.

You need to be observant of the guy you choose to date.

Watch for all the cues I just described.

This will help you determine which guy would be the most probable to dislike your belly piercing.

It could help stop you from going any further with the guy.

You don’t want to get to the point where feelings are now at the forefront and you are being influenced to become someone that you are not.

He forces you not to wear the belly piercing.

You acquiesce because you love him. However, what he is actually doing is silencing you.

He is keeping you from being who you are.

Watch for the warning signs of an ultraconservative early on in the dating stages and avoid a lot of heartache.

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