Do Girls Prefer Short Hair Or Medium Sized Hair On A Guy?

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Do Girls Prefer Short Hair Or Medium Sized Hair On A Guy?

In general, girls often prefer medium sized hair on a guy.

They like it when they can rub their hands through his hair and actually feel the tendrils slide in-between their fingers.

Medium sized hair on a guy also tends to give him more height as opposed to short hair.

Girls are typically very attracted to tall guys or guys who are a good few feet taller than they are.

Now, just because a girl may prefer medium sized hair on a guy doesn’t meant that she cannot be attracted to a guy with short hair.

A girl isn’t going to fixate on only one feature on a guy.

She will typically fixate on several.

A guy may have short hair but he may also have stunning eyes.

A guy may have short hair but he may also have a strong and very masculine jawline.

A guy may have short hair but have very full and appealing lips.

These are other features on a guy’s face that a girl can be totally into.

Even though she may prefer a guy with medium sized hair, she is still drawn to these other features.

These other features become what she focuses on.

The medium sized hair is no longer that important because there are other features on you that are appealing to her.

You would be surprised at what a girl can like on a guy’s face.

There are some girls who even admire ears.

There are some girls who love a strong brow.

There is so much to love.

If you are a guy with short hair, you shouldn’t allow that to make you reconsider your look.

If short hair is what you are comfortable with and feels more like you, you should stick with it.

If you were to grow out your hair to medium sized simply to appeal to girls in general, you may not be wearing a look that you are comfortable with.

This means that you will not be particularly confident when you are around girls.

Girls love confident guys above all else.

If you were to appear like you lacked confidence, they will be able to read this and it could easily turn them off.

It doesn’t matter if you have medium sized hair.

They will ignore that because there is something else that is much more important that you are lacking.

That would be your sense of self-confidence.

Your best option is to stick with what you know makes you feel comfortable.

If that is short hair, so be it.

Remember that there may be other parts to your face that a girl could adore.

The same girl that prefers medium sized hair on a guy may also be drawn to your strong jawline or your well lined facial hair.

There could be more to you than you realize. Hence, be yourself and have the look that you feel most comfortable with.

Most girls will not only judge you based on whether you have short or medium sized hair.

There is so much more to admire.

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