Do Girls Prefer Short Hair Or Medium Sized Hair On A Guy?

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Do Girls Prefer Short Hair Or Medium Sized Hair On A Guy?

In general, girls prefer medium sized hair on a guy.

They like rubbing their hands through his hair, feeling the tendrils slide in-between their fingers.

Medium sized hair on a guy gives him more height as opposed to short hair.

Girls are attracted to tall guys or guys who are, at least, taller than them.

A girl who prefers medium sized hair on a guy doesn’t mean she isn’t attracted to a guy with short hair.

A girl isn’t going to fixate on singularly one feature on a guy.

She fixates on several.

She observes a guy with short hair but he has stunning eyes, a strong and chiseled jawline, perfectly white symmetrical teeth, luscious lips, a muscular chest, lean belly, etc.

These are features that many women have at the top of their list when it comes to what they are attracted to in men.

Do you meet any of these?

Even though she prefers a guy with medium sized hair, she is drawn to these other features too.

When you possess these other features, those are her new focal point.

Whether you have medium sized hair or short hair is an aside, being that she is consumed with observing these other features.

With men, there is so much to love, and most women love multiple features.

As long as short hair is what you are comfortable with, don’t reconsider your look.

Stick with it.

Growing it out to medium sized solely to appeal to girls doesn’t do you any good when you aren’t comfortable wearing it.

This negatively affects your confidence around girls.

Girls love confident guys above everything else.

Sensing no confidence in you turns them off.

Medium sized hair won’t save you from turning them off when you have no confidence.

Stick with a hair length you are most comfortable with.

In your case, keep it short.

Remember that there are other parts to your face and body that a girl adores.

The same girl that prefers medium sized hair on a guy is drawn to your chiseled jawline or your well-lined facial hair, regardless of your short hair.

Thankfully, with men, there is much to love.

And girls know it.

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