How Do You Know When You’ve Found “The One”?

How Do You Know When You've Found "The One"?

The first few weeks or months of a relationship isn’t enough to determine whether you have found the one.

It takes some time for you to know.

This person has to see you at your worst and vice versa.

The relationship needs to experience ups and downs to ascertain whether you two have what it takes to work as a team to overcome these moments.

In other words, first and foremost, you have to get through the honeymoon phase of your relationship.

The honeymoon phase is when you are in euphoria and filled with wanton expectations.

Your excitement levels are at their peak and everything feels so fresh and intoxicating.

You have to get through this period first.

It normally lasts the first six months to two years of the relationship.

This is not the time for you to determine when you’ve found the one.

It is too effortless for your excitement levels to influence your judgment during this time.

You need to be patient and your excitement levels need to settle.

This happens naturally, guiding you to a spot where you are more clearheaded.

You need this time, being that you don’t know this person that well, regardless of how much you believe you do.

Whatever they have told you about themselves are merely words.

With time, their actions determine their authentic character, not their words.

Time is everything.

Giving it time aids in observing this person’s habits, how they socialize with their social circle and society at large and determines whether this person’s words are trustworthy.

Falling for a good first impression is deceptive.

Remember, instinctively, most people who go on a date brings their best self.

They naturally want to leave a good impression on their date.

They do this for several dates.

It is not until you have given it time that you know this person’s true character.

Thankfully, maintaining a fake act for too long is nigh impossible, and eventually the act is exposed as you observe inconsistencies in their behavior.

What matters is to avoid making an instant judgment on someone based on how you feel right now.

Give it time.

Get past the honeymoon phase.

Learn more about this person and what they are about.

After an adequate period of time, you know who they are, and now, determining whether you have found the one is realistic.

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