Do Bad Dreams Have A Meaning?

Do Bad Dreams Have A Meaning?

When you are repeatedly having the same bad dream, it signifies that there is something that is worrying you on a subconsciously deep level.

As human beings, when we worry about something on a consistent basis, it gets into our subconscious.

This worry manifests itself in dreams.

You are currently in a relationship that has worrisome issues that have plagued you mentally for some time.

As this worry evolves into a part of your daily thought process, your subconscious is made aware of it.

As this happens, you aren’t aware of how profound these thoughts are and the effect they are having on you psychologically.

When your worries manifest in bad dreams, it’s poignant.

The dreams feel real.

It is negative on account of how you have been worrying about this issue for a while.

Worry is a negative emotion.

These bad dreams are a reflection of what you are experiencing in your real life relationship.

The negativity of these bad dreams are profound, making you reluctant to investigate their message in real life, but you must.

Your subconscious is warning you about the wrongs of your relationship.

Address these worries in your real life.

What have you seen repeatedly in these bad dreams?

A repetitive dream points to a core issue that is troubling you.

Pay attention to the dream.

For example, a repetitive dream about infidelity points to your fears that your partner is either cheating on you or on the verge of doing so.

A repetitive dream that is violent is a sign that you are fearful of your personal safety in your relationship.

A repetitive dream about abandonment reflects a fear within you that your partner is going to leave you.

Repetitive bad dreams are a true reflection of your deepest worries in your relationship.

Addressing and working on resolving them is what saves your relationship or saves you from yourself.

Sometimes, we fear looking deeper within ourselves when there are emotional wounds we have never worked on fixing.

We come into relationships with this mindset too.

Did you come into a relationship when you weren’t emotionally ready to?

Is there something you experienced in your past that left you mentally or emotionally damaged?

Normally, you uncover that you have a preexisting issue within you when you remember having repetitive bad dreams before this current relationship came to be.

Realizing that some of these bad dreams are from before you ever got into your current relationship lets you know these issues are with you.

These insecurities and fears are coming from you.

Repetitive bad dreams about infidelity before your current relationship indicate that you already had insecurities about infidelity.

Same thing with violence.

A repetitive dream with violence before you got into your current relationship is an indication that you have deep-rooted fears about violence.

These fears must be addressed.

When you don’t address them, you take those same fears into any new relationship you get into.

These fears have a negative effect on the relationship, as you make judgments on your partner before they have done anything to warrant it.

Soon, you are being the one doing exactly what your dreams have shown.

Being influenced by your own dreams isn’t a new phenomenon.

Pay attention to bad dreams.

Repetitive bad dreams that occurred before your current relationship are a reflection of deep-rooted issues within you.

Repetitive dreams that have only occurred within your current relationship have much to do with the fears you have for this relationship.

Either way, your bad dreams need to be addressed.

Correcting the issues rapidly improve your odds of finding peace within yourself and within your relationships.


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