Are We Moving Too Quickly?

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Are We Moving Too Quickly?You may be moving too quickly when you aren’t allowing each other room to be their own person.

If your relationship with friends, family and your hobbies has been suffering, you may be moving too quickly.

Too much time is being spent with this person to the detriment of other priorities.

When you are with each other so much, you may begin to believe that this is how it should be.

You may begin to believe that you must share the best chemistry.

The truth is, this can be unhealthy.

This is the kind of behavior that causes you to make hasty decisions that you didn’t think through.

Before you know it, you may be suggesting that you move in together and you have only been dating for a month or two.

This is the danger that comes with allowing yourselves too much together time.

When you are moving too quickly, you will not really consider what is best for the relationship. You would only go with your gut feeling.

You would go with what makes you feel good right now as opposed to thinking things through.

Some couples who move too quickly have made the mistake of not giving themselves enough time to learn more about each other.

They will inevitably run into future problems.

They may ultimately realize that they never really knew who they were dating.

They may experience certain traits in that partner’s behavior that takes them by surprise and affects them in a negative way.

This puts a strain on the relationship.

This problem could easily have been avoided if they had simply been patient and not moved too quickly.

Patience allows you to get to know each other on a much more profound level.

You will learn about viewpoints and habits and have the opportunity to decipher whether those viewpoints and habits are similar to yours.

You will also be able to decipher what your tolerance level is. In other words, you give yourself the opportunity to truly feel this person out over a sustained period of time.

This approach gives you the best chance at success.

Success doesn’t always mean that you end up with this person as a romantic partner.

Success could simply mean that you now know more about this person and can make an informed decision about whether you should get into a relationship with them or not.

It gives you more decision-making armor.

It gives you a better opportunity to know or possibly anticipate how being in a relationship with this person could truly be.

Your task is to ensure that you don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you.

This happens so easily and so often.

A person can totally get so carried away with how good someone makes them feel at the moment that they don’t truly consider the ramifications of what moving too quickly could cause.

You don’t have to move too quickly.

Wherever it is that you want this relationship to go is not always the best direction for you.

You may be better off with someone else or being single at this time.

Then again, you may ultimately be able to get into a wonderful relationship with this person.

Either way, allow things to happen the way they should.

Try not to get lost in your emotions.

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