Are We Moving Too Quickly In This Whirlwind Relationship?

When you are moving too quickly, you aren’t giving each other room to be their own person in this dynamic.

Are We Moving Too Quickly In This Whirlwind Relationship?In a situation where your relationship with friends, family, and your hobbies has been suffering, you are moving too quickly.

Too much time is being spent with this person to the detriment of other priorities.

When you are with each other so much, you slide into a dangerous mindset, believing that being together is everything.

Like a drug, it’s intoxicating to be around this person and it is never enough.

The chemistry is electric and when you are together, the sensation is so enthralling, you want to experience it over and over.

The truth is, this approach to a new relationship is unhealthy.

This is the behavior that causes you to make hasty decisions that you didn’t think through.

Before you know it, you are suggesting that you move in together and you have been dating for a month or two, which is too short of a time.

When you are moving too quickly, spending an unhealthy amount of together time, you don’t consider what is best for the relationship.

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You go with your gut feeling, concentrating on what makes you feel good right now as opposed to thinking things through.

Some couples who move too quickly have made the mistake of not giving themselves enough time to learn more about each other.

They inevitably run into future problems when they realize that they never really knew who they were dating.

They inevitably experience a negative aspect in their partner’s behavior that they overlooked in the past, while they were caught up in the euphoria of the relationship, that takes them by surprise and affects them profoundly.

This puts a strain on the relationship.

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This strain is avoided when you have patience.

Rather than getting carried away with the initial excitement, temper your emotions and exercise patience in taking the time to become better acquainted with this person.

This is where you learn about their viewpoints and pick up on their habits.

Some of their habits do or don’t pass the test with you.

This is where you figure out what your tolerance level is for these habits.

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Are these habits tolerable or not?

Viewpoints are learned about this person too.

Do those viewpoints agree with you?

This is where you decipher whether this person’s viewpoints contradict or mirror those of yours.

Ascertaining this person’s viewpoints, habits, etc., are a given when you have been patient enough to be exposed to them.

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Isn’t it better to know whether this person is authentically compatible with you before moving the relationship too quickly into commitment?

Should this person be the right match for you, you have the rest of your lives to be together.

But for now, take the time to vet the person.

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