What To Do About The Ex Factor?

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What To Do About The Ex Factor?The truth is, if this person that you are dating or seeing is still emotional about and in love with their ex, it will be very hard to move this relationship forward.

This person will most likely still see the ex as an important part of their life.

They still love their ex and haven’t let go. The feelings may still go deep.

This means that their emotional attachment is split between you and the ex.

This is an ex factor that is a very difficult road to travel.

People often try to move forward into a relationship even when they know that the person they are dating is still in love with their ex.

They know that this person hasn’t gotten over the ex.

Yet, they choose to get involved in a relationship with them anyway.

They do this with the wrong notions.

One of these is that they believe that at some point in the relationship, this person that they are dating will stop loving their ex and just love them.

This is unfortunately a false notion.

When someone who hasn’t gotten over their ex gets into a new relationship, they are rebounding to an extent.

This means that they still have emotional issues that haven’t been resolved from their past relationship.

Getting into a new relationship isn’t going to fix these issues because these are issues that have to be solved on a personal and emotional level by the person who bears them.

This person is most likely still in love with that ex.

There may be romantic moments that you spend with this person that may actually cause the undesired effect of having this person think about their ex more.

So much of what you do with this person could lead to memory triggers.

You may go to a restaurant that reminds this person of their ex.

They used to frequent that restaurant when they were dating.

You may go to a movie theater that reminds this person of their ex because they used to go to the same movie theater with their ex.

You may even wear certain dress or outfits that makes this person you are dating think about their ex because their ex would wear similar clothing.

You could say certain things or use certain phrases that will make this person remember their ex.

In other words, when someone hasn’t gotten over their ex and still have strong emotional ties to them, just about any experience that they have with you could trigger a memory about their ex.

This kind of emotional investment in another is very hard to let go of when the person who has them is still in love with their ex.

This means that you may be fighting a losing battle.

Every time you try to let this person see just how much fun you are, you may inadvertently remind them of the ex that they have never gotten over.

Your attempts may only cause more damage than good.

This is why you need to be very cautious in what you do from here on out.

You have to consider the likelihood that this person isn’t going to get over their ex.

They have already shown just how much that ex affects their way of life and how they function.

You will need to ask yourself if you are capable of going through this.

You may not be prepared for the frustration of dealing with dating someone who has a strong ex factor.

This may honestly not really be worth your time and effort.

There is only so much you as a person can do. If the other party isn’t willing to move on from a past relationship, you can’t force them to.

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