How To Propose

How To Propose

Propose to her in a relatively private or less crowded place.

Please, don’t humiliate your girlfriend by proposing to her at a football game or a massive public event.

Yes, you’ve seen this on TV.

You have heard about it or witnessed it.

Even though the girl says yes, understand that in situations like this, the girl is under a great amount of scrutiny and pressure.

Saying yes to you after a proposal at a public place doesn’t guarantee she means it.

Sometimes, she says yes so as not to humiliate you or herself.

After the proposal, she breaks your heart in private by telling you no.

Or, worse, feeling the pressure, she goes ahead and marries you in a year or so, which means she isn’t going to be a happy wife in a few short years.

Don’t force her into this hole.

Getting engaged is personal.

It is between the two of you.

There is more than enough opportunity for the public to get in on it at the wedding or reception.

So, just calm down and don’t go overboard here.

Propose to her in a relatively private place or a place with little activity or distractions.

Do so at a time that is suitable.

Avoid doing it during a weeknight.

When she has to get up in the morning and go to work the next day, the celebration the night before is hampered.

A project she has to do for work or school the next day is occupying her thoughts, making it unfeasible for her to be completely present at that moment as you propose to her.

She has a lot of other things on her mind.

Propose to her when she is less likely to be mentally caught up on other obligations, such as school, work or friends.

Having her next day or two off is ideal.

This is a fantastic time to propose, as she is clearheaded.

It is easier for her to give you a truthful reaction when she is clearheaded.

She isn’t consumed with what she has to get done, as she is in a relaxed mode within a relaxed setting.

Choosing to propose to her at home while the two of you are enjoying some relaxed leisure time is a great approach.

Outside of the home, pick a location that is relaxed and less noisy to propose to her.

A park near your home where the two of you walk the dog or go on picnics to.

This is an environment that she is familiar with and feels relaxed in.

Yes, picking a familiar environment to her has a much better effect than going somewhere new to do it.

A familiar environment has her at ease.

A hotel or lodge that the two of you visit from time to time works too.

Plan a short weekend trip and make your proposal in the hotel room while enjoying the beautiful view over the balcony or while having a private dinner together.

In other words, in choosing to propose to her outside the home, a place that she is familiar with and you know she likes to be at, is your best choice.

Avoid big crowds and lots of noise.

No need for pomp and circumstance.

Keep your proposal uncomplicated, yet memorable.

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