How To Propose

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How To ProposeEnsure that you propose in a relatively private or less crowded place.

Please, don’t be the type that humiliates their girlfriend by proposing to her at a football game or some massive public event.

Yes, you’ve seen them on TV. You have heard about them. You have probably even witnessed it.

Even though the girl may say yes, understand that in situations like this, the girl is under a great deal of scrutiny and pressure.

If you were to propose in a very public place and the girl were to say yes, she may do so just so that she doesn’t humiliate you or herself.

This honestly doesn’t win you any points with her.

If she were to say yes but she didn’t really mean it, she would either break your heart later by telling you no in private or she may feel pressured to get married or engaged when she isn’t quite ready.

Really, why would you want to put her in this kind of position?

Getting engaged is a personal thing first and foremost. It is between the both of you.

There will be more than enough opportunity for the public to get in on it at the wedding or reception.

So, just calm down and don’t go overboard here.

One of the best ways to propose to her is in a relatively private place or a place with little activity or distractions.

You should do so at a time that is suitable.

Avoid doing it during a weeknight. If she has to get up in the morning and go to work, the celebration the night before may be regrettable.

If she is thinking about a project that she has to do tomorrow at work or school, she may not be entirely engaged at that very moment that you propose to her.

In other words, she may have a lot of other things on her mind.

You should propose to her when she is free.

You should propose when you know she isn’t caught up in her own head about what she has to do at school or work tomorrow or with family and friends.

Perhaps she has the next day or two off.

This is a fantastic time to propose because she is clear-headed. It will be easier for her to give you a truthful reaction when she is clear-headed.

She isn’t consumed with what she has to get done.

She is in a relaxed mode within a relaxed setting.

You can choose to do it at home while the both of you are enjoying some relaxed leisure time.

If you choose to do it outside of the home, pick a location that is relaxed and less noisy.

It could be the park near your home where the both of you typically walk the dog or go on picnics.

This is an environment that she would be familiar with and hence would feel relaxed in.

Yes, picking a familiar environment to her would have a much better effect than going somewhere new to do it.

This kind of familiar environment can put her at ease.

If there is a hotel or lodge that the both of you tend to visit from time to time, you could plan a short weekend trip and make your proposal in the hotel room while enjoying the beautiful view over the balcony or while having a private dinner together.

In other words, if you choose to propose outside the home, a place that she is familiar with and you know she likes to be at, is your best choice.

Again, avoid big crowds and lots of noise.

These are the ways that you can go about proposing and not only have the best chance at getting a sincere yes but also make it totally memorable without all the histrionics.

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