Will Distancing Myself From This Girl Make Her Want Me?

When a girl doesn’t like you romantically, she doesn’t notice or care when you distance yourself from her.

Will Distancing Myself From This Girl Make Her Want Me?Distancing yourself from her removes you from her mind, as opposed to making her want you.

When you are out of mind, you aren’t part of her daily routine.

You aren’t in her line of sight, lending to her forgetting about you.

Distancing yourself from this girl isn’t the right approach.

Instead, keep talking to her.

Don’t let her in on everything.

Give her just enough of your personality to leave her wanting more.

Show her how active of a social life you have.

Knowing that you have an active social life entices her to think about you.

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Being that you have an exciting and adventurous life, she craves additional time with you.

She doesn’t know what to expect with you, and this is thrilling to a girl.

This is how she feels like you are a catch.

A catch is someone that is hard to get, having a lot going for them in life.

A catch has a full life that is social and multidimensional.

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He doesn’t sit around waiting for life to happen to him.

He makes life happen and happen in abundance.

Girls love it when they know that they are around a guy who won’t make them bored.

Deep excitement and intense desire infuses her, knowing that he is a guy who has such an active lifestyle.

She craves being around him and be a part of his adventures.

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Give her the impression that you are someone who is constantly on the move.

This perception is beneficial to you.

She infers that you are someone who is not too readily available.

This means your time is precious and this is attractive to girls.

Give her anecdotes of your busy social life.

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Tell her fun stories about your fun friends and adventures that you have had with them in the past.

Inform her of what you are intent on doing in the near future and have already planned out.

Talk about a hiking trip that you already have planned out that is coming up in a week, or a trip to another state’s theme park that you already have planned out and checked on your calendar.

Talk about a friend’s birthday that you are going to in a fortnight or a concert that is coming to town soon that you are going to be attending with a friend.

When she hears this from you on a regular basis, she knows that your life is fun and busy.

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It is social and filled with activities.

The impression your social life leaves on her has a much stronger effect than adopting a strategy of being distant from her.

Remember, the goal here is to get her to want you, not forget you.

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