I Want To Start Talking To Girls On The Street. What’s The Best Way To Say Hi Without Being Creepy?

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I Want To Start Talking To Girls On The Street. What's The Best Way To Say Hi Without Being Creepy?If you don’t want to be creepy, it would be a good idea to talk to her and approach her from the front or side as opposed to from behind.

Approaching a girl from behind on the street may make her feel uneasy. She may feel somewhat unsafe when a stranger tries to talk her up from the back.

It may also make her feel like she is being harassed or followed.

You won’t be creepy at all if you make eye contact with her, say hi and smile.

You have to try your best to be confident or at least give the impression that you are.

Your entire aura will be instantly at her purview.

It will be right in front of her or to her side.

The moment she looks into your eyes and gauges your approach, she has made a judgment about you.

She knows whether you are a guy that she would entertain conversing with or not.

This is why your first impression has to be the right one.

You will not have a second shot at it.

You should also try to either get her to stop or slow down as she is walking.

If she is still maintaining a fast or consistent rate of walking on the street and you are trying to talk to her through out this period, she is showing you through body language that she is not interested in talking to you.

It is really important that you are observant of her movements.

Hence, you have to grab her attention instantly and get her to either stop walking or slow down.

One of the best ways to do this is to ask for her help with something.

You could ask if she is familiar with the area.

If she says yes, you could let her know that you aren’t and would like her recommendation on a good place to have a snack, coffee, lunch, brunch, pizza, hot dogs, etc.

She may give you her opinion and you could tell her that you would love to return the favor by getting her a piece of pizza at the location she suggested.

She may laugh and smile at that approach but she appreciates it.

She instantly knows what your intentions are.

Girls like this.

It makes them feel like you are an assertive guy.

You have also more than likely succeeded in either slowing her down or getting her to stop at this point.

In other words, you have her attention and may actually get an instant date out of it.

If you don’t, don’t be afraid to ask her for her number.

You just might get it.

Another effective way to talk to girls on the street without being creepy is to use technology as a prop.

You could ask her if it was alright to use her phone because you don’t have yours.

If she is interested in helping you, you may actually get her to stop at this moment.

This is very good.

Most people have a natural inclination to want to help someone when that person needs some assistance with something that they an actually provide relatively easily.

In this case, it would be her phone.

Once she hands you her phone, she has symbolically placed a degree of trust in you.

Just that act alone has created a connection.

From here, you can actually start a conversation with her.

It can be small talk as you place the call.

As you hand the phone back, you can be gracious in thanking her and consequently ask her for her number.

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