What Does It Mean When A Guy Opens A Door For You?

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Opens A Door For You?

He may be a guy that opens doors for people in general out of respect.

If he notices that you are coming for the door, he may open it just because he likes doing polite things.

He may not really have any other reason to do it but for politeness.

Some guys are taught that this is what most decent men are supposed to do in society.

They should be kind and hold doors open for others.

There is no real guarantee that he likes you simply because he opened the door for you.

This is where a girl can mistake a guy’s kindness for interest.

This guy may also open a door for you because he is trying to show the world that he is a decent person just so that he can get a boost to his self-esteem.

There are some guys who like being acknowledged by people at large when they perform a good deed.

Hence, the guy may open a door for you just so that people see him do it and acknowledge him as a gentleman or a decent human being with manners.

As I mentioned earlier, this kind of acknowledgment can actually be a boost to the guy’s self-esteem.

He may actually feel really good about himself every time he gets this kind of acknowledgment.

It reinforces that he just did something that warranted a positive response.

Another reason a guy may open a door for you may be because you so happened to be headed in the same direction he was at or about to leave from.

He holds the door open because it feels like the right thing to do for someone.

People will often do this for perfect strangers.

It is done out of a natural instinct to be considerate of their fellow human being.

He may have simply done it out of this natural instinct.

It is something that he may hope someone else would do for him.

It was only done out of a natural inclination to be civil to someone else who happens to be behind them or headed in the same direction.

Now, in order to ascertain whether he is actually interested, you would have to observe his behavior and his body language.

If you notice that he only tends to open doors for you and no one else, he may be interested in you.

By doing this, he is giving you special treatment.

This is normally a sign of interest that indicates that you are different from the rest in his eyes.

Watch what he does with his body language.

If you notice that he is looking into your eyes as you walk past and smiling, he may be showing signs of romantic interest.

This is especially true if you notice him looking back at you as you walk through.

This is typically him telling you that you had an effect on him.

He is essentially doing a double take.

These are the moments where you may be dealing with a guy that is romantically interested in you.

He would not only be intent on keeping the door open but also maintaining some form of eye contact with you even after the fact.

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