Should I Text Her Back?

Should I Text Her Back?

Be unequivocal about what your intentions are.

Texting her back instigates something.

That’s why thinking this through matters.

What do you want?

Do you want to talk to this girl?

Do you want to pursue a romance with her?

Are you just looking to hook up?

What exactly are your intentions?

You need to come to terms with what they are.

You won’t move forward correctly when you aren’t forthright with yourself.

She has texted you for her own reasons.

She wants something, most likely a relationship, whether it be committed or casual.

As of now, you don’t know which one, but she has her own personal reasons for texting you.

What she wants only matters when you figure out what you want first.

Coming to terms with what you want gives you direction.

Once you come to terms with this, a decision to text her back means you know what you want.

Whether it be a committed or casual relationship, your immediate task is to find out where she stands.

Don’t assume she has a thirst for either a committed or casual relationship until she has made it clear to you.

Knowing where you two stand this early sets the expectations.

You are on the same page with each other and move forward accordingly.

So many people make the mistake of not knowing where each other stands.

One person has one expectation and the other has a totally different expectation.

This leads to one place and one place only, heartbreak and frustration.

Don’t assume she desires what you desire.

Although, it’s likely she wants a relationship of the committed or casual nature, you mustn’t assume she is looking for either one.

Sometimes, with girls, the attention they receive from a guy texting them is their intent.

Being in-between boyfriends or friends with benefits, she reaches out to someone she suspects has the capacity to give her the attention she craves.

This makes you her guinea pig.

Is that fine with you?

Of course it isn’t.

Don’t be afraid to be forthcoming about what relationship you are looking for.

Guys have this erroneous notion that being upfront with their intentions is too direct and they risk running the girl off.

Not true.

Girls love guys who aren’t afraid to express their intentions and expectations.

Much better for you to be this upfront and lose out on a girl who wasn’t looking for what you were looking for, than to text her back without a plan and hope everything works itself out.

Without direction, girls get confused and fall off.

Know what you want and act accordingly.


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