Should I Text Her Back?

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Should I Text Her Back?

You should be certain about what your intentions are.

You really need to think about this.

Texting her back may start something.

If you haven’t actually thought this through, you may make the wrong move.

What do you truly want?

Do you want to talk to this girl?

Do you want to pursue a romance with her?

Are you just looking to hook up?

What exactly are your intentions?

You need to come to terms with what they are.

You will not be able to move forward in the right way if you don’t start being honest with yourself.

She may have texted you for her own reasons. She may want something more substantial.

She may be looking for a relationship.

On the flip side, she may only be looking for something casual.

She may not feel like she is ready to get into anything serious at this time.

She may honestly have her own valid reasons for why she texted you.

What you may think she wants is not at issue here.

What you want, is.

You can only approach this the right way when you have thought things through clearly.

When you are able to come to terms with what you want, you will be able to know what direction you would want things to go.

If you were to decide that you want to text her back because you may want a future relationship, you would know where you stand.

Consequently, you can find out where she stands upon texting her and continuing to interact with her.

Since you are clear about what you want, you would be able to approach this with the right intentions.

She would also know where you stand and can make a decision on whether she would want to keep moving towards that possible direction.

Hence, being clear about where you may want this to lead can open up the process a lot easier for the both of you.

With clear intentions, the both of you can approach the interaction in a way that is honest and true.

So you do need to know and understand what you want before deciding on whether you should text her back.

When guys make the mistake of not initially figuring out what their intentions are, they cause confusion.

They may let something go that would have worked.

They ultimately live to regret it.

On the flip side, they may get into something that they never should have gotten into in the first place.

You don’t want to be the guy that makes either mistake.

Your task is to be honest and true about your emotions.

Try not to get too caught up in the moment or in what you think you desire.

If you were to do so, you may feel like there is something there that really isn’t.

You may think that there is some kind of chemistry that really isn’t there simply because the both of you may have hooked up in the past.

There is a lot more to this than simply having one pleasant encounter together.

You should look at all the angles before deciding on whether or not to text her back.

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