Should I Keep Trying To Win Her Over Or Wait?

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Should I Keep Trying To Win Her Over Or Wait?

When she has been responding to your advances, whether it be through her body language or conversation, keep trying to win her over.

A girl who is making an effort to know you as a person and let you know about her, is worth pursuing.

She looks at you repeatedly and touches you from time to time.

Your jokes are received with wholehearted laughter.

Anecdotes you tell her are listened to attentively and she asks follow-up questions.

She remembers minor details in past conversations and asks you to elaborate on them in future conversations.

Fairly regularly, she compliments you on something you say or do to make you feel good about yourself.

These behaviors are signs of her romantic interest in you.

When she has been hard to get a hold of or takes a long while to return your messages, she isn’t worth your time.

The times you get a hold of her for a conversation, she shows little to no interest to keep the conversation going and learn about you.

Requests to go on a date are met with excuses from her about being too busy.

This is a girl who isn’t interested in you.

No need to wait on her.

Doing that is a waste of your time.

At times, it is harder to discern whether it is worth it to keep trying to win a girl over.

This is where a girl is playing games.

Playing hard to get.

The telltale signs of a girl who is playing hard to get is when she is responsive to your efforts for a few days and then disappears for several days.

Suddenly, she isn’t answering your phone calls or returning your text messages like she was doing a few days ago.

You are sending her multiple texts to get her to respond.

When you see her out and about she greets you but doesn’t linger.

Oddly, she doesn’t have the time to talk to you.

Just a few days ago, she was talking to you and flirting with you like you two were a couple.

Now, she barely looks in your direction.

A girl who is playing hard to get welcomes attention from other guys.

She is accepting likes from male admirers on social media like you have never seen her do before.

Cryptic messages about romance or love are posted on her social media, leaving you scratching your head about who she is referencing.

You convince yourself that her cryptic message is in reference to you and you message her, but she ignores your message.

Finally, after a few days of showing you this odd behavior, she answers your phone call or text message.

For a few days to a week or so, everything feels like it is back to normal.

She is flirting with you and laughing at your jokes.

Sending you text messages with love emojis.

Excited, you ask her out on a date, and she agrees.

But, she doesn’t follow through.

She ghosts you or cancels the date on the day of.

You attempt to get a hold of her afterward and she has disappeared on you, again.

This is a girl who is playing hard to get.

For many guys, the mixed signals leave them baffled as to whether to keep trying to win her over.

With a girl like this, don’t.

She is playing games, by exhibiting hot and cold behavior.

It isn’t a healthy pursuit of a girl.

Hot and cold behavior from a girl is a telltale sign she is about having the power and boosting her ego.

Misguided men think that being persistent wins her over in the end, but it doesn’t.

A girl who is about power and ego uses you to achieve that end, and nothing more.

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4 thoughts on “Should I Keep Trying To Win Her Over Or Wait?”

  1. Same is happening to me.

    Been texting this girl, making out on nights out, lots of positive interaction, been told she likes me etc etc. Chasing has been done on both sides, il pulled back a bit and she went after me.

    I go to ask her out again because she told me she really wants to but get radio silent treatment. Feel powerless at the minute, she has made that decision. I don’t want to seem affected yet its virtually impossible not to be after seeing her consistently for around 6 weeks

    Very confusing and off putting. I work in a very high status job at a club where she goes, so I can do my bit to go after other girls and make her jealous, its difficult though because I have started to like her. Is the only thing to do is pull back?

    Good website man, very helpful and informative

  2. Hi Matt,

    Yes, you should pull back.

    She has made her decision and you have to respect that.

    You don’t have to try to make her jealous by talking to other girls at the club. That will only make you more and more emotionally invested in this.

    Just move on and allow yourself to start meeting other girls because you want to and not because you are trying to make her jealous.

  3. So I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks now…she one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, and has a personality that matches mine. She even said she likes me a lot. We were pretty steady hanging out meeting eachothers parents, and then all of a sudden she has no interest… I tried talking about it and it’s just went from short reply small talk to not wanting anything to do with at all. Should I probably just get over it and start moving forward or see if I can try again?

  4. Hi Clay,

    You should get over it.

    You already tried talking about it and she showed no real interest in keeping the conversation going with you.

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