Do Girls Like Serious Guys Or Funny Guys?

Do Girls Like Serious Guys Or Funny Guys?

A healthy mix of serious and funny in a guy is ideal for girls.

There are moments when a girl wants a guy to be funny.

She is having a bad day and needs the guy to cheer her up.

Or, she is already having a good day and hopes the guy says something funny to make her laugh and be happier.

On the flip side, she wants a guy to be serious when there is something grave that she needs to talk about.

She needs his opinion on how to solve or wrestle with her predicament.

He has to be serious in these moments, as she is relying on his intake.

The misstep that some guys make is in their inability to determine what the girl needs and switching where necessary.

Be good at diagnosing when she needs you to be funny and when she needs you to be serious.

An inability to do this forces the girl to go to a platonic guy friend of hers to fulfill what she needs at that moment, whether it be humor or a serious opinion.

She has guy friends who are waiting for an opening with her.

When she has a boyfriend who is strictly funny or one that is strictly serious, she is tempted to go to some of her guy friends to experience what she is missing when the desire is dire.

Where she needs a serious opinion from a guy about a serious predicament she is in, she goes to a guy friend of hers instead of you, her boyfriend.

Likewise when she needs a guy to crack a joke or make her laugh.

A boyfriend who is strictly serious doesn’t meet this need, so she goes to a guy friend she knows is funny and he gets to tickle her funny bone.

The major issue that arises from a girl who does this repeatedly is that she has a higher likelihood of developing a emotional connection with a guy friend she has either had to go to for humor or seriousness.

Once she builds an emotional connection with this guy friend, she isn’t fully emotionally available to you any longer.

At this stage, your relationship with her is in jeopardy and a breakup is on the horizon.

Guy friends are hawks.

They don’t waste their shot at developing an emotional connection with a girl in their friend circle of whom they are attracted to.

This is why having a good balance of the serious and funny in your personality is the right combination for a girl.

Be smart about it.

Know when it is appropriate to use either one.

The girl’s personality is what you must use to gauge how much you need to be one over the other.

Having the two is great, but depending on the girl, she prefers one over the other most times.

To figure out which that is, gauge her personality.

A girl who is lighthearted in her approach to life, whether it be in the conversational topics she brings up or the friends she makes, is one that is geared towards a guy who is funny the majority of the time.

A girl who has a habit of talking about deeper topics the majority of the time and surrounds herself with friends who are on the serious side, is one that is geared towards a guy who is serious the majority of the time.

Once you gauge the girl, gauge yourself.

What personality mode are you happiest?

Are you happiest when you are tapping into your funny side or into your serious side.

It works in your favor to date a girl who matches your preferred mode of personality.

Going against this leaves you unfulfilled and unhappy in a relationship over the long term.


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