What Do Guys Look For In A Girl?

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What Do Guys Look For In A Girl?

Guys look for girls that they have an ease of conversation with.

They like it when they can actually converse with the girl as though they’ve known each other for years.

It makes them feel more comfortable and creates an instant connection.

Hence, a girl that is good at communicating is always a big plus for guys.

Guys want to know that they are dealing with a girl that they can banter with, even flirt with.

She will get it and know how to respond in kind.

This is all very appealing to a guy and encourages him to want to get to know the girl even more.

Guys also look for a girl that has an edge.

They like it when she is different in some way.

She may be the type that has no trouble getting her hands dirty.

They like the fact that she can help them fix something or play a sport together.

In other words, she is the kind of girl that isn’t afraid to get dirty and not have to look pretty all the time.

It makes them feel like the girl is more down to earth.

It is very appealing in the sense that it can make the guy want to engage in activities with the girl because he feels like she would be open to doing a wide array of activities.

When a girl gives the guy the impression that she would be willing to engage in activities that aren’t so clean-cut and cliched, he would want to know what makes this girl so different from what he may be used to.

This sets the girl apart from most of the other girls that he may come across on a daily basis.

A guy looks for a girl who isn’t afraid to look silly or be self-deprecating.

She doesn’t have to be the perfect one all the time.

She doesn’t have to always say the right things or be of perfect behavior.

She has no problem being goofy if she feels like it or even acting a little silly.

This makes the guy get the feeling that she is easy to get along with and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

A guy also looks for a girl who is willing to accept him for who he is.

He wants to feel like he can be himself around this girl.

He doesn’t always want to have to be macho or the “man” in the relationships.

Sometimes, he will want to let his guard down and even express his true feelings from time to time.

If he knows that he is with a girl who won’t judge him for letting his guard down, he will be more prone to wanting to be with her.

A guy likes it when he can be himself and not have to worry that somehow he isn’t fulfilling his “masculine” role in the relationship.

A guy will look for a girl that makes him proud to be with her.

Hence, most guys would prefer a girl who took pride in her appearance.

They look for a girl that is active or at least tries to maintain some level of discipline in how she treats her mind and her body.

He is not necessarily looking for a supermodel.

He may not even be into very slender women.

He would want a girl who takes pride in wanting to look good, both for herself and her man.

As long as he feels that she is the type that takes pride in herself and is confident in her presentation, he would love to be by her side.

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