Where Are All The Nice Guys?

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Where Are All The Nice Guys?

They may be the guys that you currently have as your guy friends.

Several of them may be waiting on the wings hoping that one day you notice them and give them a chance.

Take a good hard look at some of your guy friends.

How many of them are single or seem like they are in relationships out of necessity as opposed to true desire?

How many of them tend to give you compliments and ask you about your dating life?

How many of them are always available to talk to or hang out with whenever you need them regardless of what they had planned?

Some of the nice guys that you are asking about could be right under your nose.

They may be your guy friends that are too shy or anxious to tell you how they really feel about you.

However, if you truly observe their body language and behavior, you would know that their feelings for you go beyond the platonic.

You may want to consider some of these guys.

You already know them and have some rapport with them.

You can build on this if you choose and see if there is any viable path to romance.

You can also find nice guys taking care of their communities.

There are lots of nice guys that volunteer their time to help those in need.

If you were to join some of these charity organizations, you will find them.

You should join an organization that you have a genuine interest in.

If you want to give some of your free time to help mentor underprivileged kids, you should do so because you truly have an interest in it and a genuine willingness to help.

There will be nice guys there who are doing the same thing.

Mentoring, tutoring, etc.

You will get the opportunity to meet them.

As long as you are consistent in your actions, they will begin to feel more comfortable with the prospect of talking to you.

As you build rapport with some of them, one or more may ultimately ask you out.

You can also find nice guys when you break out of your regular social circle.

The problem you may be having is that you continue meeting the same kind of guys because you continue staying within the comfort zone of your particular social circle.

You will need to break out of that.

You will need to start putting yourself around different people.

They may or may not have similar backgrounds to yours but you can almost always find something in common with them.

Start there.

Go to a different night club instead of the one you typically go to.

Go to a different movie theater or entertainment district than you typically do within your city or town.

Join a sports league that you have never been a part of.

Get online and find nice guys through Meet Up Groups that arrange different events around your city or town.

The power to find a nice guy is well in your hands as long as you are willing to put in the effort.

As long as you are open to putting out sustained effort, you will be able to meet more and more nice guys and this helps in giving you multiple options.

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