He Asked Me For My Number But Never Texted

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He Asked Me For My Number But Never Texted

He may have only asked you for your number to see if you would give it to him.

Some guys look at the fact that they got a girl’s number as a sign of their prowess with women.

They may ask for the number with no intention of using it simply because they want to see if they were successful in piquing the woman’s interest.

You could be dealing with a guy like this.

If that is the case, you really shouldn’t take it personally.

There is a good chance that he does this with other girls.

Another reason why he would ask for your number and never text could be because he genuinely felt like there was chemistry when you two conversed.

However, now that he has had some time to reflect on the interaction, he may feel like the chemistry wasn’t really there.

This happens quite often.

A guy may interact with you and it may seem really good.

It may appear as though the both of you had a connection and got along.

However, after the fact, he discovers that he doesn’t get the same excitement of emotions when he thinks about you.

He doesn’t get that rush of adrenaline or euphoria when he conjures your image in his head.

He doesn’t get that really good feeling.

He may try a few times to see if he can get that feeling going.

He may intend to text you but hold off on it until he gets that feeling back.

However, try as he may, he still doesn’t feel what he felt when he was initially interacting with you.

He may wait all day for this feeling to hit him.

It doesn’t.

He consequently concludes that there must have been no real chemistry.

When he can’t get that excited feeling, he loses the motivation to use your number and actually text you.

In essence, he has lost his drive.

He has lost that hunger that makes a guy want to pursue and court a girl.

Also, another reason why he may have never texted is because he feels like he never left you with the right impression about him.

Indeed, he may feel like he failed in his interaction with you.

There may be a part of him that just figures that you gave him your number because you didn’t want to create an awkward situation.

However, he is of the opinion that you may not have been truly into him.

Based on his experience with girls who have given him their numbers in the past but didn’t respond to his texts, he decides not to text you.

He doesn’t want to put himself in that position again.

He doesn’t want to be at the receiving end of rejection.

He would much rather keep the memory of the conversation he had with you clean than to taint it with the fact that you never returned his text.

This is the way he decides to protect himself due to his past experience or a vibe that he felt he got from his conversation with you.

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