Should You Date An Older Woman?

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Should You Date An Older Woman?

You should date who you like and feel a connection with.

If that person so happens to be an older woman, so be it.

What you find attractive is your own and no one else’s. Your task is to ensure that you are fully aware of what your intentions are.

Would you only want to date this older woman because it is some kind of fantasy for you?

Would you only want to date this older woman because you would want that to be something you can boast about to your friends?

You really do need to figure out what your true intentions are.

If you were to start dating an older woman without being sincere about your objectives, you could cause a lot of pain and despair.

If you truly aren’t serious about making this a real relationship and only want to experiment, you should be honest about this and let her know that you aren’t looking for anything serious at this time.

You shouldn’t lead her on by making her some kind of experiment.

This could actually come back to bite you.

You may find yourself in the position where you may have gotten in too deep and don’t quite know how to get out.

Hence, you truly should be very clear about what your intentions are.

You shouldn’t be misleading or untruthful.

You have to understand that this older woman is a human being with genuine human emotions.

If you were simply to use her for whatever selfish reason you may have for wanting to date an older woman, she would be truly hurt and feel used.

This is not the kind of energy nor reputation you should want to generate.

News does get around.

This kind of news may not help your future dating prospects as other women may not want to put themselves in that kind of position with you.

If you really have no interest in pursuing anything truly serious in this relationship, let this older woman know that.

She may be totally willing to go along with it. However, you would have done the right thing in letting her know and allowing her to make her own decision.

If you believe that you sincerely want to date an older woman and be serious about it, you will have to be secure in your decision.

You would have to understand that there may be issues that the both of you don’t agree with simply due to your generational differences.

You would both have to be willing to accept this and not allow it to hinder your relationship.

You would also have to accept the fact that there may be people in your life who wouldn’t approve of the relationship.

You may have a friend or family member who voices their disapproval.

You would have to be ready to defend your decision to them or simply ignore them.

This could take a toll on you if this member keeps being persistent.

However, at some point, you have to be willing to let them know that this relationship is real and they have to respect that.

This would require some courage but if your relationship is worth it, you will do what you have to do.

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