Should You Date An Older Woman That Sparks Your Interest?

You should date who you like or has sparked your interest, even if she so happens to be an older woman.

Should You Date An Older Woman That Sparks Your Interest?The fact that she is an older woman is of no consequence.

What you are attracted to is your business and no one else’s.

What are your intentions?

Is dating an older woman a long-time fantasy of yours?

A source of pride to hold over your friends?

Where you experience the greatest connection with someone?

Come to terms with your reasons behind seeking to date an older woman.

Be sincere with yourself and who you choose to date.

Older women have feelings too.

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In not being sincere about your reasons for dating her, she is susceptible to being misled and this is unfair.

You are grown adults.

Talk to her about what you are looking for, so as to discern whether you two are on the same page.

This matters.

No matter the reason why you are looking to date an older woman, there needs to be an understanding between the two of you.

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A misunderstanding leads to a bad experience for the two parties involved.

An older woman who knows why you are looking to date her is equipped with knowledge which gives her agency to agree to date you or not.

Don’t worry.

No matter your reason for dating an older woman, there is an older woman out there who is looking for the same.

Regardless of how much you think your reasoning is a turn off, there are older women who are seeking the same.

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Whether you are seeking to purely have sex, have a committed relationship or yearn to get into her mind and how she thinks, an older woman out there is seeking the same of you.

Yes, there are older women who purely want to have sex with younger men and nothing extra.

There are older women who seek out younger men so as to feel younger and to receive the ego boost from the world at large for her ability to be seen with said young man.

Older women have their own motives for dating younger men too.

Some seek a committed relationship, but many seek everything else under the sun.

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There is no need to lie to an older woman about your motives.

When you are straightforward about your intentions, your experience with her is so much improved.

No need to pretend that you care about her so as to get her to give you the experience you are seeking.

Being on the same page with her as far as what you two are in this for is the right place to be.

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