Do I Love Him?

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Do I Love Him?

When you love him, you think about him incessantly throughout the day and night.

Constantly, you envision a future with him to such an extent that it is incredibly poignant.

The hunger to be around him, regardless of whether you are around other people you love, is immense.

You want him to succeed in whatever endeavor he pursues in life and prepared to support him to achieve them.

These are strong emotions that indicate you love him.

Assess how you look at your world now.

Do you look at it like you did before?

Do you have the same goals, ideals and ambitions?

Is something a little different?

Where it once felt like everything was about meeting your goals and ambitions, someone else’s well-being has interfered with that vision, and you love it.

The new world you envision includes this guy and a world without him triggers nausea in you.

Your ambitions have taken a turn and you are now as invested in his dreams as you are your own, or greater.

Whenever there is a question about whether you love a guy and it persists in your mind day in and day out, that is a good giveaway that you love him.

Once you have associated the word “love” with him, the odds that you love him are greater.

Love is a powerful word.

Once that word interjects into your thoughts whenever you think about this guy, you are already experiencing its effects.

How you have been behaving around your family and friends lately?

Have you turned down meetings with them or cut off conversations with them for the sole purpose of spending time with this guy or taking his phone call?

Have you fallen into the trappings of daydreaming about this guy to the extent that you cancel routine activities with them, just so that you get to keep daydreaming about him.

When you do go out on walks with your best friend or hang out with her, are you present or are you constantly thinking about this guy?

Are you spending the lion’s share of the time you are with your best friend talking about this guy?

Looking at your life and how it has changed is how you determine whether you love this guy.

Where there has been a significant change, by reason of this guy, you love him.

What happens when you call or text him and he doesn’t answer?

As the minutes pass, is your tommy tying up slowly in knots?

Have you lost your appetite once an hour passes without a response?

Do you ignore calls and text messages from friends and family as you wait, not wanting to talk to anyone else until he has responded?

What does it feel like when he finally responds with a phone call or text message hours later?

Immense relief.

Unadulterated joy.

Butterflies in your tommy.

Do you need a moment to gather yourself and temper your emotions before responding?

Waiting to hear from him in and of itself is a confusion of emotions, taking you from dour lows to cataclysmic highs.

A guy who has this much influence over your emotions over a mere call or text, is a guy you love.

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