Too Ugly For Love?

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Too Ugly For Love?

Beauty is subjective.

Keeping this in mind, believing that you are too ugly for love isn’t practical.

This belief is centered on how much bad luck you have had in love.

Failed bids at romance in your past has left you jaded.

Your physical appearance has very little to do with your past failures and everything to do with your attitude in life.

A negative attitude is what is doing you in.

People know that you don’t like yourself nor regard yourself as physically appealing.

This in turn makes people ignore you, as they don’t want to invite that negativity into their lives.

No one wants to be around someone who is moping around sad and depressed, owing to their looks.

Negative body language is an attraction killer.

What is your body language like?

Do you walk around with your head down, rarely making eye contact nor smiling at people?

Are you constantly rushing somewhere, never acknowledging the people around you?

Do you walk with your shoulders slumped or fidget a bunch when you are stationary?

Negative body language sends the message that you lack confidence, making it harder for people to entertain the idea of talking to you or looking at you as a romantic prospect.

Changing this mindset and attitude is key.

Having a positive attitude, completely changes your experience.

Confidence is your friend.

Walk like you believe in who you are.

Keep your head and shoulders up, make eye contact, smile, quit rushing everywhere, initiate small talk with strangers and keep that smartphone in your pocket.

Do you have any idea how much you lose out on dating prospects when your head is stuck on your smartphone in public?

A ton.

Stop using your smartphone as a buffer.

Keep it in your pocket.

A positive attitude is infectious.

A person who is talkative and jovial at a mall, department store, movie theater, grocery store, gas station, etc., attracts attention.

Such a positive attitude motivates people to want to be around you, join in the conversation, or get your attention.

They admire your personality and your confident posture.

In the midst of this group is someone who is attracted to you.

They are drawn to you physically and to your personality.

Before you know it, you are having a spontaneous conversation with this person and weeks later you are dating them.

You weren’t too ugly for love to this person.

Think about how many people there are in the world.


To believe that everyone thinks you are ugly is completely impractical.

The next time you go out, look at everyone that is paired up.

It won’t take long before you realize that not everyone who has a partner is the best looking person in the world.

Yet, they have a partner.

You know why?

Beauty is subjective.

You aren’t too ugly for love.

In changing your mindset and attitude, you change your dating life.

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