Guy Stopped Making An Effort. Should I Move On?

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Guy Stopped Making An Effort. Should I Move On?

You should assess how much effort you were making as well.

Sometimes, a guy can only give so much when it comes to courtship.

If he feels that he isn’t getting much effort reciprocated from the person of interest, he may stop.

You should be honest with yourself about how you treated this interaction.

Were you enthused?

Did you wholeheartedly try to show him that you were also game?

It is easy to miss this.

It is easy to miss the fact that you didn’t return the kind of effort you should have.

Again, most guys will only put out the effort for so long.

If you truly make a real assessment of what you did while he was making out the effort and discover that you weren’t giving him much in return, it would be wise to contact him.

Take the initiative for once.

Let him see that you are actually trying.

If you truly like this guy, you shouldn’t have a problem doing this.

If he had been making an effort earlier on, it was for a reason.

Clearly, there was interest on his part.

Now, if you feel like you were putting out the effort and yet this has happened anyway, there is a chance that he may have lost interest.

This does happen.

A guy may find a girl intriguing at first.

He may start conversations with her.

However, at some point during his interaction with this girl, something happens.

The girl may have said something that didn’t quite agree with him.

She may have done something that he felt wasn’t compatible to his belief system.

She may have simply become dull.

Conversations may have gotten stale without any real direction.

Hence, the guy may feel like the both of you lack chemistry.

He may feel like what he thought about you initially was only a temporary impression.

This does happen.

There are lots of moments in life when someone feels different about the person they are seeing or talking to.

They lose that initial spark they had because of something that was said or done.

It is just the way it works out sometimes.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with you as a person.

It is just that, at some point, something was lost.

He is not feeling it anymore and his effort dissipates.

You should also consider the possibility that someone from his past may have come back into his life.

This is something that also happens quite often.

He may have found a connection with you but his life is further complicated by an ex that gets back into the picture.

He may still have feelings for this ex and is now caught in the middle.

On the one hand, he may want to pursue something with you but on the other, he may crave something familiar.

That person from his past is familiar.

He has an idea of what to expect from them while having no idea what to expect from you.

He decides to go for what he is familiar with and chooses to let you go.

In a situation like this, you should clearly move on.

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