Do Guys Like It When Girls Take Their Stuff?

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Do Guys Like It When Girls Take Their Stuff?Some do, depending on what you take.

If you take a generic shirt or generic pair of shorts or pair of socks, he may be totally fine with it.

He may even think it endearing and sweet. However, if you were to take something that he really loves to wear on a regularly basis, he may not take too kindly to it.

A guy can get attached to a particular hat, piece of clothing and even an accessory.

He may have a superstitious or personal connection to said items.

Guys tend to be quite superstitious with certain items.

If he has had some fortunate experiences with a particular piece of clothing or accessory, he may not want you to simply take it.

He may feel that the mere fact that you took it has now tainted its effect.

As a result, he may get quite upset at that.

Hence, you really need to observe this guy before you decide to take his stuff.

Look at what he seems to wear often.

Take note of that.

There is a good chance that he is attached to it for a reason.

These items should be the ones you avoid taking from him.

Also, there are some guys who may be very particular about when a girl should start taking their stuff.

They may not find it appropriate or fitting that a girl takes their stuff unless they are actually in an exclusive relationship with that girl.

Hence, they may not like it if some girl that they are not in an exclusive relationship with decides to take their stuff.

They may not feel that the girl has earned the right to do so.

She is not his girlfriend and as far as he is concerned, she doesn’t have the privilege.

You would need to be aware of this.

Your best option would be to avoid taking his stuff until you are relatively familiar to him or perhaps his girlfriend.

Also, you should do so sparingly.

If you were to take his stuff too frequently, it could actually irritate him.

Even if you were his girlfriend, this could still be a problem if you overdo it.

He may be desperately looking for a particular item of clothing or accessory one day only to discover that it isn’t there because you took it.

This gets him really angst because this is the fifth item of his that you have taken in the last couple of weeks.

This becomes a problem.

You really shouldn’t overdo it.

If you take something, keep the volume of the items you take at a minimum and spread out over time.

A guy would also take issue if he notices that you don’t return the stuff you take from him.

The average guy doesn’t have anywhere near as many clothes as the average girl.

As a result, it is a lot easier for him to need something to wear only to find that it isn’t there because you have had it at your place for weeks and haven’t returned it.

In conclusion, most guys don’t mind it if you take their stuff as long as it isn’t something they have a strong attachment to.

They would want you to return it in good time and be sparing in just how much of their stuff you take.

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