Being A Single Parent And Dating

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Being A Single Parent And Dating

It can be challenging to be a single parent and date.

You have a number of responsibilities in your daily life.

Your child or children will have their needs that have to be met and it is your duty to take care of those needs.

Whether its taking them to doctor appointments, picking them up from school or just plain being there as their parent, there will always be a challenge in finding a way to balance things out so that you can date.

Hence, it is not always easy.

However, you can still date as a single parent as long as you are honest and truly willing.

You should be realistic about the kind of person that you would want to attract into your life as a partner.

You shouldn’t have such a long list of requirements.

The more specific and stringent you are in what you want, the harder it will be to find a date.

You should be open to the fact that there will be some men who aren’t looking to be with a single parent. You shouldn’t take that personally.

You should allow yourself to be open to the fact that your best match may be a man who already has kids as well.

In essence, you should really keep the types of men you would want to date as diverse and open as possible.

Don’t allow yourself to get so constricted in the exact type of person you would be looking for.

This would allow you to have more opportunities to find dates.

You should be honest and true to yourself.

You should ensure that you are honest about the fact that you are a single parent.

Don’t hide it.

Oftentimes, a single parent will keep the fact that they have a child or children from their date.

They do this in the hopes that as the person gets to know them better and likes them, they as the single parent would have the best chance of keeping them even after they let them know about their kids.

This is a terrible way to go about dating as a single parent because it is being dishonest by omission.

You shouldn’t do this.

The person may even be fine with the fact that you are a single parent but may get turned off by the fact that you didn’t let them know from the start.

Hence, you need to put honesty in the forefront of your dating life as a single parent.

You should also not overplay the fact that you have a child or children.

If all you talk about are your kids, it can be a huge turn off to your dates.

They may feel like you don’t have any room for them in your life. They may also feel like you could care less about getting to know them.

This isn’t the kind of impression you should want to give if you want to have successful dates as a single parent.

You should also avoid talking about your ex-husband, ex-boyfriend or father of your children on your initial dates.

It can be easy to do this out of habit.

You may say negative things about them that make you come off as bitter.

This would be unattractive to your date.

Next, you have got to stop using your child or children as an excuse not to date or for the fact that you haven’t found the right partner for you.

If you want to date, there is opportunity to do so. You have to learn how to manage your time and theirs.

When you develop the mindset of taking the opportunities that are available to you, you will do a lot better in dating as a single parent.

Where is the opportunity?

You can start taking classes in something that you are interested or passionate about.

It could be a professional interest or leisure.

You will meet potential dates there.

You should start making eye contact and talking to as many men as you can as you go about your daily activities.

You could meet that special partner in the parking lot of your child’s karate class as you are both dropping your kids off.

You should also start dressing right.

Yes, you may have been out of the dating scene for a while and may be out of fashion.

Update your closet. Get yourself some new clothes that reflect the personality you are.

Make them flattering.

You will get the attention of men.

Get in shape.

Don’t be afraid to start going to the gym or taking gym classes.

If you are already in shape, get back into the gym anyhow.

Allow yourself to start getting around as many men as possible.

As a single parent, it can be easy to stop doing what you once did because of the challenges of raising a child or children.

You can’t keep using this as an excuse.

Going to the gym and working on yourself helps to not only shape your body but build your confidence.

Guys love women who are confident and sure about themselves.

This alone could help you attract men as a single parent.

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