Being A Single Parent And Dating

Being A Single Parent And Dating

It is challenging to be a single parent and date.

There are a number of responsibilities in your daily life.

A child or children has needs that have to be met and it is your duty to take care of those needs.

Whether it’s taking them to doctor appointments, picking them up from school or just plain being there as their parent, there is a challenge in balancing things out so that you date.

Amid these challenges, don’t fret, dating as a single parent is doable.

Be realistic about the person you want to attract into your life as a partner.

Steer clear of having a long list of requirements.

The more specific and stringent you are in what you want, the harder it is to find a date, especially as a single parent.

Being a single parent means that there are limitations in the volume of eligible men you attract.

Many single men don’t want to date a single parent.

Don’t take that personally.

Being open to a man who so happens to be a single parent increases the likelihood you find a match.

Single men who aren’t parents aren’t completely closed off to dating a single parent.

But, you mustn’t push all your chips in on these men.

As long as you are open to either one, you are in a better position to find a match.

Whoever you meet on a date, be true to yourself.

Don’t hide the reality that you are a single parent.

Some women wait for a few dates before revealing this information, but you mustn’t.

Waiting for several dates before telling your date that you are a single parent comes off as deceitful, and this alone is enough to turn off your date for good.

Although, you are a single parent, this doesn’t permit you to talk about your kids throughout the date.

Your date is there to learn about you, not your kids.

Especially when it is early in courtship.

Single parents falter in this area repeatedly.

When so much of your time over the years has been spent with your kids, that is so much of who you are as a person.

Your kids have taken up so much of your time that you have fallen off on your hobbies.

Everything you have been about over these years has been about your kids.

Well, you are reentering the dating world.

This means you have to remember who you were as an individual and what you loved doing as an individual.

Bring back that energy and mindset.

When you talk to your date, prioritize showcasing your personality and keep conversation about your kids to a minimum.

In the event that you are out on a date with another single parent, avoid the temptation in thinking that it is okay to talk about your kids throughout the date.

Men who are single parents are no different from men who aren’t single parents this early in courtship, they want to learn about you, not your kids.

Having abandoned personal interests for your kids over the years, consider getting back into doing those activities again or doing new activities, now that you are reentering the dating world.

Giving yourself more dimension as a person requires individuality.

When you have nothing to talk about but your kids because you don’t do anything else with your life besides activities that are centered around your kids, it’s hard to get your dates to want to go beyond one date with you.

Do you want to attract the best possible mate to you?

Then make yourself more dimensional as a person.

Something else you must look out for is to avoid talking about your ex-husband, ex-boyfriend or father of your children on your initial dates.

Single parents do this out of habit, don’t.

Saying anything that has negative connotations makes you come off as bitter and this is unattractive to your date.

Next, be prepared to make yourself available for dates.

Many single parents lose out on dates because of something to do with their children.

Excuses about not being able to find a babysitter or feeling guilty about leaving the children to a babysitter is common.

Are you looking to date or not?

Deciding that you are ready to date means you are not making excuses for why you had to cancel a date or was unavailable for a date, thanks to your children.

Master managing your time so that there is room for dates.

With the myriad of dating avenues that exist in today’s world, most men don’t have the patience to keep excusing cancelled dates or an unavailability to meet them on dates on account of your children.

They lose their patience with you fairly quickly and stop asking you out.

They are now lost to you, as they have moved on to women who are available to date.

Don’t bother getting out there to date when you don’t have the means to make the time.

Get your life and family life in order so that your availability is good.

When it comes to attracting men to date, pay attention to your body language.

As a busy parent for the last several years, you haven’t paid much attention to your body language around romantic prospects.

A life that has been filled with kid’s activities doesn’t call for you to keep up with your romantic body language skills.

Time to get back to that.

Make eye contact with men you come across in life and smile.

This is positive body language that increases the odds they approach you and initiate a conversation that leads to a future date.

There is opportunity to meet romantic prospects everywhere, including at one of your kid’s activities.

Smiling and making eye contact with another parent in a parking lot of your child’s karate class as you are dropping them off, is a chance to be approached by him and get asked out on date.

Join a dating app.

Dating apps are popular and account for a large percentage of how adults are meeting their relationship partners.

Get someone to take great photos of you, preferably a professional photographer, and post them to a dating profile alongside a well-thought-out bio.

Great photos get you increased initial attention from men and a well-written bio keeps them around, encouraging them to send you a message that eventually culminates in a date.

How about taking classes?

Take a class in something you are passionate about and with your newly awakened positive body language, you are bound to attract a man who is taking the class.

Dress right.

You have been out of the dating scene for a while and out of fashion.

Update your closet.

Buy yourself new clothes that compliment your shape.

Don’t play it too safe.

Buy clothes that show off your best physical attributes, whatever they are.

Flattering clothes draws the attention of men.

Do you feel like you need to lose some weight?

Do it.

Sign up at your local gym and take gym exercise classes.

This isn’t only about losing weight and looking your best by so doing, going to the gym exposes you to men too.

These are men who care about their health and traditionally cover the spectrum of professionals from lawyers to educators.

Those are men who are as eligible as they come.

A great byproduct of going to the gym is that as you lose weight, your confidence builds.

Men love confidence in women.

Whether your are overweight or not, confidence attracts men.

Couple a fitter body with confidence and you are irresistible to that much more men.

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